Vampire Desire part 5

Hello VD fans (vampire desire fans). Part five is out and I apologise for making you guys wait and you have one more go for the competion, be first to comment and be put in my quiz. Yes we do have a winner and that is PIEISCOOL woot woot.

Yes PIESISCOOL won and I would like her to tell me what she looks like in the comments. So pieiscool will be back later on but she wont be in every series like cello and viola because they play very important parts in the story. So in this series a lot of stuff happen!!! enjoy!

Created by: glitter

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  1. Who did you get last time and this is the ionly questino that counts but the rest of them heve no effect.
  2. "What do you want Veronica?" asks drake glaring at the middle aged woman. "Well, first things first, you have walked into the 'Nicafied forest'" *her name is veronica so i used 'nica' and added 'fied' to it sorry, i know it is a stupid name*
  4. Just kidding, anyway. "What happens if we are here?" you ask confused. "Well, first things first, you need to pass through the forest from the edge to the edge and fight what ever i I want you to fight and please note that these things that happen to you are from my simple fertile imagination but what happens is real." she said smiling at the word real. "Real?" you ask in a mindless childly voice. "Yes real, and if you six don't make it through this forest by the breake of dawn then, it's simple, you all die and My son gets to marry________" she replies, you hear cello and viola gasp.
  5. "What? You can't do that, there is no way you are using_______ kind of prize!" cries Viola looking furious. "Well, what ever happens we are gonna win and keep _________. She is our friend and master and we will fight for...oh and Veronica, that's a fact!" says Cello with a smirk on her face. "Oh cello, stop acting tough, you reek of desparation and you always trying to act tough as if you actualy matter." She says and starts throwing insults at cello. You feel the anger building up in you, you see that cello is nearly in tears and viola is just staring in amazement at her sister, finaly you cant hold it in any more "THAT'S NOT TRUE, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE NOBODY GIVES THE f--- ABOUT YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEED HELP, YOU ARE THE ONE MY MOTHER CURSED TO TO THIS FOREST, YOU HAVE NO LIFE BECAUSE YOU DON'T SEE A SINGLE SOUL UNLESS AN INNOCENT LOST PERSON COMES LOOKING FOR HELP YOU LITTLE PEICE OF b---- AND YOU WILL STAY CURSED FOREVER AND THAT IS A LONG TIME!!" you yell.
  6. Veronica looks about ten times mor hurt than Cello does, you see the tears well up in her eyes, but then she pulls herself together and puts an evil smile on her face. "Well, don't tell me that I don't matter because YOU dont matter." she says, evil smile widening. "You are just some worthless trash, that your mom made with my ex-husband!" She says, you gasp. "Yes_________, it is true, she stole my vampire husband and cursed me to this forest and made me look after it..." she tries to say. "And you did the exact oposite." you interupt her sneering. "Exactly, i glad you get me, well as I was saying your mother never wanted you, it was just a big mistake...meaning, she is just using you fullfil the throne when she dies, she never loved you __________, you are just a heir to her just like these two over her, you are just some worthless peice of nothing, I...." She tries to say but Tresten interupts her. "SHUT UP, YOU ARE JUST LIENG TO_____ JUST TO HURT HER NOW SHUT IT!!!" he shouts
  7. "Well in that case, atleast my family didn't kill themselves because they didn't want me!" she says with an 'it's too obvious' expression on her face. "Atleast my family didn't hire a vampire to change me into one so that i could fend for my self...BECAUSE THEY DID NOT WANT ME!" She says laughing in hysterical laughter. You turn your head towards Tresten feling dumb-founded. You see his golden brown locks drenched in sweat, you realise for the first time he isn't wearing a shirt and his toned chest is smeared in dirt, you drag you eyes away from his six pack up to his eyes. You remember thaen bieng a saphire blue but at the moment they were a fiery red color, it scares you a little bit because it looks good with his flawlessness, you feel as if you are drooling *if it is him holding you then lucky for you because he is the only shirtless guy* a little bit. He lets go of you *if he is the one holding you* he is about to lunge at Veronica but the guys hold him back but to no avail, he lunges at her but gets air
  8. She is not there anymore but instead in a tree. "You challenge begins tommorow at dawn, you will have twenty four hours so its win or die, later aligators." she says and disappear leaving behind a faint soft laugh.
  9. Then you see Tresten still angry, he has a sharp knife in his hand. "No man dont!" says drake his blonde hair flowing in the cold wind, his grey eyes silver with fear. "Tresten, you don't have to kill yourself....Veronica, look what you've done!" screams chris. You walk towards Tresten slowly. "No______ dont go there!" says cello seeming to have calmed down a little bit. "He will kill you impuksively, all we have to do is keep calming him down." Says Viola, but you continue to ignore them, you walk up to Tresten he then take the knife and stabs it into your heart, you feel the pain, but you ignore him. You make him lower his head and you kiss him passionatly, you feel jelousy in the air from the guys but you dont really care, everthing starts to blur, the guys don't realise Tresten has stabbed you until you fall!
  10. All you feel is pain, then nothing, as if you are floating away from the light, you like the place of nothing, because you don't need to see anything happening, its just black. You see a light but it is faint, suddenly you are being pulled away from nothingness.
  11. The light keeps getting closer and closer. You want to stay in the dark, alone because as well as the light coming, there is also pain, you don't know where the pain is *not your neck* but you still cant feel where it is. Finally you are at the light. You open you eyes and see a torch bright in your face. "She's alive!" says a cheerful female voice, it doesn't sound like cello's or Viola's. The light is so blinding that you cant see anything. The light is removed and you see brunnete girl with chocolate brown eyes, she is tan instead of pale, you realise she is a mortal.
  12. "Who are you?" you ask, your voice hoarse. "Oh I go by many names but you can call me pieiscool." she says *Sorry pieiscool, I dont know what you look like, maybe you should post it in the comments please, so that I can fix it okay?* You are confused. "She was here to heal you, she was also captured by a forest spirit but she decided to live in the forests with the animals and stuff." says a voice, you realise it's cello's voice. You look at your surroundings, you are in a tent in a sleeping bag. Finally the memories flash back, veronica teasing you, you bieng captured by boys, bieng chased, and bieng stabbed by...him, everything. Finaly you spring up and hug celo and viola tightly, you hug them super tightly.
  13. "I have to leave guys, but I will be back and when you need help just think about me and I'll be there before you can say ruby-ring." says Pieiscool intterupting your group hug. You all rush to hug her. "Bye and thanks for everything." you say flashing your own smile. She makes a wierd sound and a lion waits at the door of the tent. You scream. "Dont worry, this is bushka, she is mine, she will never harm you." she says laughing and leaves, then you hear a metal against metal.
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!! Thank you to those who are following thos sieries and I am writing a book called 'Bad End' It is about vampire and I'll give you a trailer in quiz form plaese comment and rate. Should I be an author?
  15. Um never mind I am going to add more is that okay?

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