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  • Sofa or settee? Depends on whether it has legs or feet.

    Pudding or dessert? Depends on whether you are serving a sweet pudding or a fruit course.

    Lavatory, loo and bog are all fine. Toilet, bathroom or the smallest room are not. In old English country houses a bathroom will usually contain a bath and a basin ( not a sink). The lavatory, loo or bog will probably by further down the corridor.

    Lord M
  • Let me point out that being an "upper-classman" has mostly nothing to do with old English phrases, the names in which we call our bathrooms, and the exact stores we shop at. Truthfully, to be upper class, you just act in a certain way. You dress respectably, and preppy- not flashy. You have an increasingly large vocabulary. You tend to only use some slang, such as "don't" but not "ain't". You're taught to have manners. You're taught not to stare. You're taught to be thankful. Not a very good quiz in the least.

  • Honestly, the only good part of the quiz was this...

    After Dinner, one passes?
    The port to the left.
    The port to the right.
    The Jagermeister.
    The Dutchie to the left had side.

    So funny! (the 1st one) I seriously clicked it

  • Sorry just explaining my lousy rating

  • Eradicate these petty distinctions of class

  • Its about the quiz, not you

  • I do not even want to be posh!!! I do not aspire to be and I dont like being told to face it

  • cool


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