United Goalscorers

United's Centenary Season - How much do you know about United's goal scorers over the club's 100 years of history? This quiz starts off in the 1950's and works through to the present day - from Peter McKay, to Noel Hunt.

Have a go and if you don't know you'll soon learn! If you'd like to do some homework first visit our History, Europe and Player A-Z sections! Or if you know your stuff or just fancy a try, just bash on....

Created by: Bryan

  1. Who was United's top goal scorer during the 1950's?
  2. Who was United's top goal scorer during the 1960's?
  3. Who is the only United player to top the Premier League/Division One scoring charts outright?
  4. Who was United's top goal scorer during the 1970's?
  5. Which player scored twice in the League Cup Final of 1979, as United beat Aberdeen 3-0 to win their first major honour?
  6. Which United player scored the most goals during the 1980's?
  7. Who was the first United player to score for Scotland?
  8. Most goals for United in the 1990's is shared by which two players?
  9. Which three United players have scored hat-tricks in Europe for the club?
  10. United's top scorer during the 2000's?

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