Spanish Language

There are many immigrants coming from foreign countries determine to find wealth and prosperity in the United States of America. The land of the free, and home of the brave. The only problem is, most of them don't speak English. Take this quiz, and start learning Spanish now.

If you take this quiz, you will be on your way to being fluent in a multitude of languages. You will be able to talk to all the European immigrants coming into the United States.

Created by: Steven
  1. What does "Cantando se vienen y cantando se van" mean?
  2. "El collar" means?
  3. Yo busco disco compatico juga?
  4. Put the words in the correct order. compre/hace/lo/semana/una
  5. What is the correct (tu') form of the verb comprar?
  6. Fill in the blank. Juan, cuanto ______ por tu sueter.
  7. What is the direct object pronoun of the following sentence? Compre los zapatos.
  8. The word for "sun glasses" is:
  9. "La tienda de electrodomesticos" is:
  10. The number "trecientos sesenta y siete" can be translated to what number in English.
  11. Fill in the blank. Vamos a esta tienda de ropa. Aqui tienen _______ elegante.
  12. You ask for a quarter pounder with cheese, how do say that in spanish?
  13. You go to McDonald's to get something to eat, the teller asks you, "Que te gustaria pedir?"
  14. You want to buy "unas botas," what store would you buy them in?
  15. What piece of jewelry do you wear on your wrist?
  16. Cuantas Tiendas de la Gracia hay?
  17. Fill in the blank. _______ (tu') la camisa roja o la azul?
  18. Fill in the blank. Los ________ cortos.
  19. The (yo) form of the verb pensar is:
  20. The time is 7:40. Select a translated version that best fits the given english time.
  21. The word "why" is translated to what in spanish.
  22. In the Spanish alphabet, the letter "a" sounds like what?
  23. "Hasta Luego" means what?
  24. Choose the best form of the verb "estan." Ellos _____ en el Hotel Presidente.
  25. El dia de San Valentin, is in what month?

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