Are You Infected?

HAVE YOU GOT AIDS? Class yourself as real fan of A.I.D.S. United Football Club? Then take the test. See if you know enough about your heroes to become a genuine A.I.D.S. United F.C. fan!

Find out if YOU are infected by the A.I.D.S. United phenomenon! Are YOU a big enough fan to prove that you are 100% infected by this explosive, exciting team? Find out NOW!

Created by: AIDS UFC

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  1. What colours do AIDS UFC wear?
  2. Where do AIDS UFC play their home games?
  3. Who is AIDS UFC's vice captain?
  4. Who did AIDS UFC score their first ever victory against?
  5. AIDS UFC's nickname is..
  6. How many goals did AIDS UFC concede in the 2006 Grand Final?
  7. Who won the 2006 Mathare Medal?
  8. G.Lawley wears what number?
  9. R.Duke is the only player to have...
  10. J.Fraser is the only player to have...
  11. M.Howell was the first player to...
  12. V.Geddes was the first player to...
  13. J.Conder is the only player to have...
  14. R.Wolff was the first player to...
  15. B.O'Donnell is the only player to have...
  16. AIDS UFC won how many games in 2006?

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Quiz topic: Am I Infected?