How Atheistic am I

What is an atheist? Dont know? hear alot about it? Scared you may catch that disease or might already have it? The following is extra i have to add:(this quiz has sometimes humerous questions with tons of mispelled words such as "the" being spelled "teh" throughout. If you can read it...enjoy!)

Well take this quiz and see if your infected with the hate that is atheism...(*snicker*) Or if you dont have a sence of humor, hate sarcasm id suggest avoiding it. No reason to go out of your way to try and define what you already know anyways.

Created by: JonGalt

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  1. Who has the burden of proof as to validity when positing a positive assertion (basically a theory)? Example: "God exists."
  2. When Asked the question: "Do you believe in a god (or gods)?" Your response might be...
  3. Atheism is....
  4. You have a choice. These people each want a specific type of society. Given this choice you would rather live in this persons society.
  5. The pledge of alligiance to the United States of America was/is..
  6. The greatest thing a government can be founded on is...
  7. What is more important?
  8. No religion is wrong...
  9. E Pluribus Unum??
  10. "In god we trust."
  11. Athiests believe in...
  12. Not accepting a "god theory" is worse than being a homosexual.
  13. I would vote for someone that is openly atheist but not intolerant of any religion.
  14. The enlightenment period was...
  15. Light was "created" after the "heavenly bodies" (stars, planets...that stuff.)
  16. In a private situation (not in a public place or commonly accepted non-religious area) where people are being "seriously religious", I would.
  17. Your at a school sponsored event(paid for by the school)with your child. Before the event starts all of the teachers and staff rise and ask everyone to bow thier heads so that they can be lead in a player to the god that gave us everything we know of.
  18. The first amendment to the US constituion was only written to protect religion from government.
  19. I prefer...

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