undieing love part 5 (part 2)

READ if you want: Ok so descriptions Marth: back hair,emerald green eyes,pale Skin,e can turn invisible and can also feel your pain and emotions Matt:red hair and grey eyes, white-ish skin, he can turn into any animal he wants Felix: black and brown hair, light blue eyes, tan-ish skin oh and he's also a healer Scarlet: dark red hair, pale skin, purple eyes that turn red, she's a vampire,fallen angel, warrior Esmeralda (you): white blond hair, blueish greenish eyes (I know it said grey on my last quiz sorry!!) pale white skin, warrior and maybe some other stuff

Ok so ya thanks for taking this quiz and well ya it keeps getting more and more complicated each time oh and I guess you already know that I'm not the best speller I even spell the title of the quiz wrong and none of you told me I noteced like three quizzes ago I just don't change it cuz it looks better like that and I don't want to change the name or correct it because it just makes it even more confusing oh and well I'm open to suggestions

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. RECAP:so you all wanted to go into the haunted house and you did only to get traped in the house's maze
  2. You guys start moving forward,Matt holds your hand tighter, "sorry" he whispers, you let go of his hand and hug him "its not your fault"you say "stop lieing","matt its not your fault, its mine I should have ssen that something was wrong when i came in" says scarlet,"no its my fault,I have to protect you guys since im the oldest" says marth "ya only by a few minutes" says felix, "its no ones fault" you say,"lets just get out of here"
  3. suddenly a lion jumps in front of you guys, Matt suddenly turns into a brown wolf and bites the lion on the neck. "i hate lions, they think their so so cool just cuz they say that they're the the kings of the jungle"says Matt, you notice that everyone smiles after he says that.
  4. you guys go left, right, forward, and occasionaly back.you all reach a door and scarlet opens it. A little girl jumps toward to you all, a bow and arrow appear in scarlet's hand,she aims and fires. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" you scream. scarlet turn and looks at you stright in the eye and the girl bites her neck. Matt grabs your hands quickly,"what are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!"you say, he qickly ties your hands with a belt he had. you struggle but it only makes things worse, and the belt starts cutting your wrist
  5. Scarlet is on the ground,shaking and a puddle of her blood surounds her.the girl disapeared and all you see is purple smoke comming fron where she was standing."FELIX DO SOMETHING" says Marth,"if i heal her then the poison will still be in her blood and will kill her in a few hours","HEAL HER THEN! AND WE WILL DEAL WITH THE POISON LATER" says marth "but-" "FELIX I DONT GIVE A s--- JUST HEAL HER NOW OR YOU'LL BE NEXT". Felix grabs Scarlet's neck and neck and a blue light starts glowing from his hand
  6. You hear Matt sniffle,you look up at him and see tears coming down his checks. You hear someone mumbling something and you turn and see that it's Marth,he's singing a song (hopeless by breaking Benjamin) you hear him mumble "here I lie forever sarrow still remains, will the water pull me down and carry me away and wash it all away, come and take me over, welcome to the game,will the current drag me down and carry me away". "YOU TRAITOR! I WAS STUPID TO TRUST YOU, I thought you were different, I ALLOWED MY EMOTIONS TO BLIND ME! ......but you will pay,MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!" says Marth. You start crying uncontrollably *I don't get it, why do they blame me!,everything happened so fast all I saw was scarlet firing the arrow and the next thing you know she's on the floor*. "oh please you honestly think that we are going to believe that those tears are real!, then your and idiot, you showed us who you really are when you stopped the arrow" says Felix
  7. "I.......I, it's not my fault!" you say,you feel a sharp pain your head and you fall to the ground. *were am I* you think, all you see is a white door surrounded by black walls, no windows. You open the door and you see everyone there even you as the girl jumps towards scarlet. You see the arrow flying towards the girl but stopping before it reaches her. " it is true,you did stop the arrow but only to save the girl, your intentions were good,but my children do not forgive so easily, espeshally with such cosiquences. They believe that you are one of the shadows, you must prove your loyalty to them, before they destroy you". You turn around and see a woman, brown and black hair, blue eyes, wearing a dark red dress that reaches to the floor, she looks young. "my name is Amy, Amy shinigami
  8. "WAIT!!!! Your Matt,Felix, Marth, and Scarlet's mom!!!!" "yes.....well my job is done" she disappears. *GRRRRRR my head hurts, curse you headache* "hey I think she's waking up" says Matt. Matt is carrying you in his arms as if you were a baby, with all of his love and affection. one of the guys removes a piece of hair that's on you face. You open your eyes and see that you are in a forest, your hands are still tied up,Felix is carrying scarlet and he puts her down, and Felix and Marth sit down and Matt places you on the ground.
  9. "why are we here,what happened to the maze?"you ask "we found a way out and came back to the underworld" says Matt "do why are we not at the mansion?" "it's all gone" he says in a sad voice which makes you want to cry. "what do you mean" you ask "you would ask that wouldent you, when you knew all about this, that girl in the maze was just a distraction" says Marth "you know she has nothing to do with this,if anything she would have tried to keep us at the mansion, we would have been completely surrounded" says Felix. Matt suddenly grabs you and hugs you tight so that you are facing his chest, you lay your head on his chest so that you can hear his heart beat.
  10. "Matt you've always been soft but look at what she's done!,EVERYTHING IS GONE!, THE HEART OF THE KINGDOM IS DEAD AND WHAT'S LEFT IS SLOWLY DYING AND ALL YOU WORRY ABOUT IS PROTECTING HER!!!!" says marth "Marth just leave him, you know how its like"says felix "THAT'S WHY I'M DOING THIS, HISTORY IS ONLY GOING TO REPEAT IT'S SELF.......either way we have to go look for him,he'll help us" says Marth "let's Hope we find him before she dies" says Felix while looking at scarlet, she has become very pale even her lips have become white. "let's go Esmeralda" SSS Matt, he helps you up since your hands are still tied up, and he kisses your forehead gently

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