Underground Quiz

A quiz to test your underground knowledge. Do you know a lot. A little. Or nothing. If you know nothing you are a POSER! My favorite word! Stand up and fight!

Good songs to listen to. Guardians of Asgard By Amon Amarth. Stand up and fight by Turisas. Ten More Miles by Turisas. Bagpipes of War by Skiltron. Winterheart by Winterstorm. Old World by Leah. Under a Dying Sun by ImpaledDeath.

Created by: LA24Kobe

  1. Who is Turisas?
  2. Song Lyrics: " Who'll be there when the sky turns grey?"
  3. Who is Kobe(Power Quest)?
  4. Who made "Wishmaster"
  5. Bagpipes of war
  6. Who made "Under a Dying Sun"
  7. Winterheart
  8. No effect question Best nba team ever
  9. Who created Old World
  10. Last Question Best Death Metal Song Ever

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