ultimate warriorcat quiz

this quiz is up to power of three book 1, the sight. i hope you all do good and that you think it is a great quiz, its my first so it wont be perfect.

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Created by: Ava
  1. who is on the cover of MOONRISE?
  2. what color was rustys collar
  3. ho many kits has ferncloud had?
  4. what was one-eye's first warrior name?
  5. who was killed by rats in firestars quest?
  6. which one is spelled right?
  7. whitewing is related to firestar
  8. am i-Ava,writer of this quiz-they biggest warrior fan ever
  9. who is the earliest leader of thunderclan that we have heard of so far?
  10. how many kin does firestar have in the clan up to power of three book one the sight not including his mate?
  11. what book does willowpelt die in?
  12. ALL DONE!! its a little short cause i couldn't think of any suitable questions, so tell me what you think! oh and its my first quiz.

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