Ultimate Naruto Quiz (Experts Only)

I've done alot of quizes about naruto, but none of them have been good enough. so i decide to make one of my very own and challenge those who think that they can pass it.

This quiz, like the name suggests might not be that easy to those who just have a basic knowledge of naruto so come with all you know and i wish you the best of luck.

Created by: Zeno

  1. What is sasuke's ultimate goal
  2. What happens to naruto after he finds out that sakura plans to kill sasuke
  3. who was the only rookie genin to pass the Chuunin Exams
  4. During Naruto's battle with Pain, what was the max amount of tails that were released from the Nine Tailed Fox
  5. Who killed Haku
  6. Who actually killed Orochimaru
  7. What is Danzou's right arm covered in
  8. What was Naruto's original catch phrase
  9. Why did the forth hokage seal the Nine Tailed Fox inside Naruto
  10. What is the Juubi

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