Are you a Science Fiction Geek?

Welcome to the ultimate Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek geekiness quiz. Geeks are the ultimate in obsessive fans. Being an ultimate Sci-Fi geek is brilliant thing.

Are you an ultimate geek? Do you know your favourite TV programmes inside out and backwards? Or are you just a casual fan, who watches the programmes just because they happen to be on TV? Find out in this fun quiz.

Created by: HumanVulcan
  1. Who was the science officer of the Enterprise NCC 1701?
  2. Name three members of the Jedi Council (Episode I).
  3. Who played The Doctor's 10th regeneration?
  4. What is the Klingon word for "success"?
  5. "Live long and _____."
  6. What phrase to Trekkies use to mean "put your mobile phone on silent"?
  7. Han shot first.
  8. Time to play; name that catchphrase! "Make it so."
  9. "When 900 years old, you reach, look as good, you will not? Hmm!"
  10. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."
  11. "It's bigger on the inside!"
  12. (Back to normal questions.) What are the Borg?
  13. Do you like Kirk or do you like Picard?
  14. What can't the Doctor's sonic screwdriver do?
  15. Do you read science fiction books?
  16. Would you go to a convention?
  17. Would you rather meet George Lucas, or use a time machine to meet Gene Roddenberry?
  18. Have you ever written a fan fiction story for Star Trek, Doctor Who or Star Wars?

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