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There are any number of fantasy and science fiction titles published in Australia. Sally Odgers is responsible for quite a few of these. She has been writing since the 1970s and has created thousands of characters.

Have you read any of the stories in this quiz? If so, how well do you remember them? Specifically, how well do you know the characters, who they are, and what they mean?

Created by: Sally Odgers of Sally Odgers
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  1. Which character in "Translations in Celadon" has a name that translates as Princess Fame Bright?
  2. In "Translations in Celadon", which character has a name that translates as The Happy One Who Loves Horses?
  3. In "Trinity Street", which character has a name that can mean "star"?
  4. In "Trinity Street", which character's real name is DHQ49?
  5. In "Aurora", which character is an alien?
  6. In "Aurora", where does the Quinn family live?
  7. In "Shadowdancers", which character is from our world?
  8. In "Shadowdancers", which character loses his/her mind and memory?
  9. In "Boy Down Under", which character is Australian?
  10. In "Boy Down Under", which place do Ro and Patrick not visit?
  11. In "A Bird, a Bloke and a Boyfriend", what sport is Sarah a champion at?
  12. In "A Bird, a Bloke and a Boyfriend", what nickname does A.J. use when referring to Sarah?

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