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There are many people who like My Little Pony MLP for short. But are you a true brony or pegasister. Try to see if you can get a high score...Best of luck to all who take this...:]

Are you a true brony or pegasister? then this quiz will test your knowledge on mlp. This is my first quiz i hope you like it. the most important tning is to have fun signing out, cheryl

Created by: cheryl

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  1. what are pinkie pies sisters names?
  2. Who is princess Mi Amore Cadenzas husband
  3. How are Luna and Celestia related
  4. In what episode does celestia reveal twilights destiny
  5. What episode does Queen Chrysalis reveal herself in
  6. StarSwirled The Bearded is in which episode
  7. Finnish the lyric... Casting it spell that
  8. What Is Applejacks element of harmony?
  9. Im Running out of Questions
  10. Bye =]
  11. Did you like the quiz

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