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  • OK...
    3 Things I hate about myself-

    1. Always doing stupid things before thinking, which I'm ashamed of afterwards.

    2. I can be a snob at times.
    3. I DESPISE how I look in reality.

    There you go. I have several more things I could have listed, but it said only 3 things.

    Dark Skeleton
  • I don't have one anymore but the one I did have was cute and funny and had a smile that reminded me of the joker (in a good way) and had the prettiest hair with highlights

  • His name is Garrett we've known each other forever. We used to date but I still love him and I'm not sure how he feels. We talk almost everyday so I hope he likes me at least a little bit

  • What if I don't have a crush at all? I don't think I can talk about them then :/ BUT, can it be a celebrity crush? Jake Abel, then. He's 24, and he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He's the one who played Luke Castellan in Percy Jackson :3 I don't know much about his personality, but it's because he's a celebrity, and not a REAL crush :/

  • Your Result: Truth A

    Truth A? In the comments, i want you to talk about your crush, whether he/she is online or real life, or both, talk about the personality, looks, and anything else you can think of. You should comment, its Truth or Dare!

    :P. I don't have a crush. Seriously. I'm not even sure what qualifies as a crush.

  • The dare that you gave me was pretty easy; I will try to do it whenever I feel like it or do it when I just have time and am not easy. Like I said, this is an easy dare so it shouldn't take me a long time to finish it. :)

  • my crush rides my bus and is 15. I am 13 turning 14 this year. We played the nervous game and I chickened out. he is a guy and he already knows how innocent I am. We played truth or dare and he asked me if i ever kissed a guy and I said NO when i asked him if he ever made out with a girl he said yes

  • Truth a: my crush is so cute, funny, smart, shy, caring, athletic, hot and we sit in front of each other in class but idk if I will see him this year but I hope I do see him

  • Truth A. well there is a guy whom i had crush for a long tym. We both liked each other but could never get into a relationship. he is cute and he has got brown eyes nd i love them he is a very funnu guy nd we are still in touch bt now we don't talk much as we used to do earlier

  • Truth A, crush, OK...

    So... I've liked him for about a year and a half now, since the end of 5th grade. He is really sweet, kind, and smart. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, like me. I have cried over him a few times. I think he might like another girl.

  • My crush is a actor...Thou I'm around 15 yrs younger then him...so i just want to wish him good luck for everything new possibilities coming his way in future.

  • My last crush was in high school. She was nice, funny, and into the same things as me. She was pretty in her own way and I sometimes wish I had been more honest about my feelings.

  • I got Truth B. I hate myself for the fact that I'm ugly (well, at least to myself. apparently not to others), that I have glasses, and that I'm picky. Totally truthful.

  • My biggest crush was with Julie. I had known her for a while as she used play pool at an old boys club and so much fun and then one new years party I had too much to drink and told her. Big mistake...

  • truth b

    1- i'm awful at talking to people, and i hate it

    2- i'm really paranoid, and lock myself away.

    3- because of two, noone really talks to me and i feel all alone. worse still, even though i know i'm doing it to myself, i can't seem to stop and change

  • 3 things i hate about myself.. 1) I hate that sometimes i dont keep promises 2) my color hair 3) i get blamed for things i didnt even do.. Im a concited girl nd dont hve low steem about myself so i dont really hate stuff about me i jzt dont like it

  • Truth B (3 things I hate about myself)

    1: I hate that I am always thinking that I am better than other people.

    2: I hate that I always feel sorry for myself.

    3: I hate that I judge people.

  • Ok, i never pick truth, but this time i picked it cause i wanted to pick truth for once...

    Um, truth B, ok so...
    1. my lack of caring

    2. My short attention span while doing homework

    3. How i think to much about everything

  • Umm not trying to be mean or anything but did you copy my quiz? Cuz the first truth is the same, the second is things you HATE and mine is thins you LiKE. The third is to tell about your BEST FRIEND, whn mine was your ENEMY. Did you copy mine? Whatev just wondering. :)

  • Oh sorry for advertizing but a friend told me to do this:

    please take this quiz
    "Would I date You? (Girls Only)"

    I am a girl but I didn't make it. It's interesting, fun, so I know you are getting curious!! ;D

  • OK Here Are The Three THings THat I Hate About Myself

    1. I have an annoyingly flat nose

    2. My hair is puffy and is about an inch past my shoulder

    3. I like to eat unhealthy stuff a lot. And I over-eat

  • I have a "crush" --- don't like that word very much on a girl named Amy she is small, tanned and has long dark brown hair also she is my ex girlfriend hehe

  • I have a crush Scoobie Doo... Tall, dark and handsome. Long tongue.. Such a sweet heart. Keeps the bad guys away. Has some cool friends. Rides in a cool car. I dream about him every night. My Scoobie Doey...

  • Me and my bestie became best friends in 2nd grade. I have her a dollar to be my best friend and she gave it back and we have been best friends ever since we are both in 12th grade now.

  • truth B: ok, three things i hate about myself is...

    1. I care too much about what other people think.

    2. I have a very short temper

    3. I have very low self confidence...there are way more than three things i hate about myself!


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