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  • 83%...should have done better...do they show the answers? I'd like to know what I missed!

    cccasey2013 Oct 18 '13, 1:43PM
  • I got 100% But I'm not bragging, just telln'

    M_I_G Jul 10 '13, 12:37AM
  • @british princess Actually, Jesus drank the wine on the cross, so he did say he was thirsty. He also told (Luke was it?) that Mary wa his new mother. He did say all those things except for the "not my hour" one.

    I got 78%! Yay!

    Amay Jun 18 '13, 2:59AM
  • 81%!

    Private eye May 19 '13, 8:32PM
  • @ british_princess

    Actually, Luke did, in fact write Acts. This is evident through many factors, including the style of the writing. Luke, as a doctor, paid minute attention to every single detail, especially medical conditions. The Jews came to Egypt through Joseph and his family, after he was first sold into slavery. Jesus did, in fact walk on the road to Emmaus with some of the disciples. Luke 24:14-16 "And they talked together of all these things which had happened. So it was, while they conversed and reasoned, that Jesus Himself drew near and went with them. But their eyes were restrained, so that they did not know Him."

    Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego were completely different people. They were the ones thrown into the furnace by their heathen king, and saved by the grace of God. [Read Daniel, chapter 3]

    Also, there is, in fact, an Apocolypse, which will occur directly after the Rapture. This is described through the use of symbolism throughout the book of Revelation.

    Hope this helps. :) This was a great quiz!

    Sonnenblumen May 14 '13, 9:35AM
  • Hi (: Nice quiz, but I think you need to make a few corrections!
    Paul wrote Acts.
    The Israelites technically were not yet Israelites when they came to Egypt, they were still the Jews and they came because Joseph invited his family to come live with him in Egypt.
    Jesus did not declare any of those things from the cross, he only said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know of what they have done.
    Jesus did not walk with the disciples after his resurrection, but he did appear to them in a room and then later ascended to heaven.
    You may want to specify on the question about Abrahams son. Abraham had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac.
    There is no Apocalypse, only the Rapture.
    Again specify on question 30, theyre names were also Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego.
    I think that question 42 is also irrelevant.

    british_princess Apr 16 '13, 3:51PM
  • @ love hunger games
    number 6 isn't wrong, luke wrote about the first half. then paul helped

    number 8 is wrong, they got there because of a drought

    envy101fmaxD Apr 1 '13, 6:38PM
  • 95%
    one of these was wrong

    envy101fmaxD Apr 1 '13, 6:36PM
  • #ISAIAH#= I was just preparing for a Bible competition, in my school, and you guys really helped me out. 88% was what i got. thumbs up, i have benefited a lot. god bless you.#from NIGERIA#

    ISAIAH Mar 2 '13, 2:05PM
  • You know the Bible 62%!

    Congratulati ons! You know a lot about the Bible - the books, the characters, the events. You are able to remember a lot of what you have heard and read!

    Well, i only read it when i get bored.. as in if i have some spare time i get my bible out. or at church

    puppals1 Feb 6 '13, 7:40PM
  • 24% lol I've never read the bible in my life. Atheist actually :P surprised I got that high

    AlexTheCat Jan 2 '13, 12:21AM
  • Dear madam,
    Eventhough I have scored 88%, I am interested to know
    where my mistakes for left 12%. Pl confirm my wrong
    answers to correct.

    Sebastian_95 Nov 28 '12, 4:16AM
  • I got 100% Like your quiz! Question 6 is wrong though. 10 stars!

    luvHungerGames Nov 20 '12, 9:07PM
  • Question #16: none of your answers are in the new testament. Did you create this quiz without referring to the bible first? JW : [no urls]

    jessica_g2783 Nov 10 '12, 7:44PM
  • Thank You Father God for thhe results.

    edna Nov 7 '12, 4:18PM
  • Thank You Father God for thhe results.

    edna Nov 7 '12, 4:17PM
  • Thank You Father God for thhe results.

    edna Nov 7 '12, 4:15PM
  • 92%! Yay! I hoped I would get 100% though... xD Well, maybe when I'm an adult I'll get them all right.

    kufambrian Oct 19 '12, 10:40PM
  • 81%- bet it's better than most of the adults at my church could do lol

    Piper Oct 18 '12, 10:49AM
  • 100!!!! Yay, im a good christian. :b

    grace6 Oct 13 '12, 5:15PM
  • I 86%

    sex_me Sep 27 '12, 5:37AM
  • yay i got 83% but i have to get 100% at church. Thats gonna be hard but i memorized most of the answers. wish me luck that i get 100%!!!!!!!!

    pinkyeve Sep 25 '12, 8:54PM

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