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  • I got a 90% and I haven't been to church or read the bible since I left Catholic High School 8 years ago. This quiz is poorly constructed, with many of the multiple choice answers obviously wrong. Even someone with no experience with the Bible should be able to get a 50% just with common sense and guessing. I think everyone knows that MySpace isn't referenced in the Bible.

  • I agree with Peggy. I am a Roman Catholic who also got 90%. It bugs the heck out of me, when me my protestant friends argue whether Catholics truely know their bibles or not. I may not have a thousand and one verses all memorized in my head, but that's not important anyways. I try to understand the passages, not memorize them.

  • I got 100%, 'though I couldn't remember if the three guys were Jobs friends (AKA "miserable comforters") or Daniel's crew (whose Babalonian names were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego). Anyway, it IS important to know the Bible -- because it IS all about Jesus -- and you'll understand the Christ better the better you understand His Word. Cheers!

  • 77% The cult keeps a lot of bulls--- stuck in my head for a lot of years. I will not subject my children to such a horrible book of hate and violence. Thank god I can look past the evils of organized religion and believe in god my own way and not make it a reason for hatred and intolerance like so many others...Peace be with you

  • I got 53% . I was pretty shocked that I got this because it's been a while since I've read over the bible . My daddy stopped me from going to the church that I was going to which I really enjoyed going to church . . . But I can't really blaim him on my lack of knowledge . . . I have been busy with school and again that Isn't an exsuce . . . The Lord should come before everything In my life . . . I remember my momma , me , and my sister would sit together and she would read us a bible stories and ask us questions when we first moved back in with her and my daddy . . . I really do need to devote more of my time to reading the Bible .

  • You know the Bible 86%!

    Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

    Thanks. :) I've read it at least 10 times over. Hopefully, I believe and follow it as much as I read it. It is truly the Inspired WORD of GOD.

    Couldn't help but laugh:

    Who helped the man in need on the side of the road? (not word for word)

    A. Donald Trump
    B. Donald Duck
    D. the Samaritan

  • I am an atheist, I have never been a Christian, I have been to church 4 times, and I have never read one word of the Bible.

    I got 64%.

    I hope this isn't the standard Christians hold themselves to when learning about their faith... if I haven't even read the book and nearly passed (according to my middle school, 65% is passing), then people who are supposed to study it should get 150% on the same quiz. If I were religious, I would make sure I got a 100% on a test that someone who had never been part of my religion got 64% on.

  • I can't even fathom what a bunch of unimaginative atheist are doing on this sight. Shouldn't you all be out telling some Christian how stupid they are for not believing the way you want them to... Or have you gotten tired of that? Maybe you'd like to take a real quiz on Biblical facts. Something less "dumbed" down. I'm sure with all this free time on your hands you could find one.

  • Hm... It was not difficult, because some of the correct answers could be found by excluding the others... I mean... "Donald Duck"? Come on... I don't know if it's easy or hard but this is for sure not a serious test in my opinion... It could be more usefull for the readers if all the answers would be inspirated from the Scripture, and not silly answers that make them smile when they read them. You know, it's not just a book like any other we're talking about here!!! It's the Word of God! Thanks for the understanding! God bless you!

  • I got 100%, I should hope so, but for some reason, rather surprised, I am a pastor's kid. I am a Christian. But I felt that this quiz was a little easy. I know that just reading the Bible and knowing all the answers is not what us Christians really need. Anyone can read the Bible and not believe if they don't want to. Simon the Magician said, "I scored 100% and I'm Pagan. How many of you Christians know your Bible that well" It doesn't matter just knowing the Bible, what counts is *believing* it. Obviously, you don't believe, but you know it. I see some people have not quite gotten what you apparently think they should have, but just because they don't know the Bible doesn't meant they aren't true. You can be true even if you've never even read the Bible. Just believe it. You apparently don't care though, Christains should get 100%. But I say Congratualations those Christians who haven't scored so high, you're true and that's what matters.

  • 71% Surprising that I haven't been in church for almost ten years now and I can still remember a few things. Loved your quiz must concentrate and take your time to do it. Only thing is I wouldn't add what movies the world came out with. I've never even seen the Protical Son or whatever the name is but I'd keep focused straight on the bible. Good job.

  • Of course it doesn't matter how well you know the bible or not. What matters is if you put it into practice; "let your actions speak louder than words." Jesus said, "not everyone that says Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but him that does the will of God." In other words, it's more important to try to live according to how God wants us to live.

  • I got 100%. I used to play Bible games a lot. I bet that if I made a quiz, most people wouldn't do too well on it. I do like this quiz though because it has Biblical facts and verse completions. I did relatively poorly on some other quizzes because the authors put their own interpretation/chur ch's theology as the "correct answer."

  • I am an older gentleman and would like to make an observation re: some of the comments from non believers. If you posit a position contrary or against that of Christ, is that position supported by anything but tradition and/or emotion? Christianity, which I found to be a relationship not a religion after I suffered (wanted to die) from a five month long medical illness, finally pleaded with God to take it away and woke healed. Before that, I was just an outward Christian which is no Christian at all. I found my Lord when I was in my early forties. Visit the following sites for answers to most of your questions re: Christianity... GotQuestions.org and to hear one of the best philosophers on the topic.. RZIM.org. The Books, "Scientific Creationism," "Case for Christ," "Case for Faith," and the book of John in the Bible are great places to begin.

    Two last comments: If I believe what you believe and we die, I go where you go. But, if we die and I'm right, you don't go where I

  • I can't believe i got 100%. but seriously, i think a lot of Christians miss the point of it all. its sad, the bible is full of great concepts that are misunderstood. its too bad that Christians go around making asses of themselves, and stay locked in their ivory towers. unable to help those in need, the people they see everyday, at work, on the bus, on the street, at the mall, on the internet, in their neighborhood etc.

  • Hmm...95%. Not bad. Seeing as I have been in church my whole life and a believer since I was eight and have read the Bible multiple times, I should have done better. Still, 95 isn't anything to sneeze at.

    I was cracking up at some of the answers. Especially the one about "who helped the man by the road.

    @JCD: Agreed. Great allegory there.

  • Question 40 is badly worded. If 40 is supposed to be the answer, then the question should be: How many days and nights did it rain for the Great Flood?

    The Great Flood itself lasted 371-375 days as per Genesis 7:24 and 8:3, 4, 13. It rained 40 days, the waters prevailed 150, and it was another 221 or 225 days before Noah's family left the ark (with the land being dry enough for them and the animals.

  • How did I get only 98% when I answered all questions right?

    If I had not, I would be ashamed of myself as these were REALLY easy questions! Not the most challenging quiz ever.

    Who cares what gender I am or what sex?

    I tried to give 3 stars as rating, but it was changed into 8 automatically, what does this tell you about the authenticity?

    red_head angel
  • Furthest I've read is up to is Lev. 12; since being born-again around April. I was intending to start re-reading it again because its the first and I was planning on reading it in a month - unfortunately my TV recorders bust so probably begin tomorrow

    I wasn't aware of a talking donkey, and around 3 of the questions were guesses

  • What I find hilarious is how many people on here are like "I'm an athiest and i still made a whatever score". If you are an athiest why are you taking Bible quizzes...there is one test you should be concerned with passing, and this test has eternal consequences......i f God is God, I pray He has mercy on us even the unbelievers, however, if there is no God as some of you try to establish...why waste you time boasting about your ignorance of God but yet your so called proficieny in this bible quiz?

  • I think it's sad the people that have posted that they have given up on religion or God. Because the truth is whether you believe in Him or not He does exist. Whether you believe or not there is a Heaven & a Hell. The final choice is up to you. Just because you don't believe doesn't mean it goes away. Choose God...you can't not choose something. There is no idle position.

  • In this Ultimate Bible Quiz Test I got 91% marks.

    I am so happy to check my knowledge on the BIBLE.

    This test is motivate me to "deep studying the Bible".

    I think every chistian must be have test his practical life fromthe Bible. Many thanks to provided honourable elders. I am so happy. GOD BLESS U..........my dears.

  • Batman Writes :

    I got 69% which could of been better, personaly.. I know there is so much to know and still I am amazed in learning so much more biblicaly, However thru study and application its a teaching which keeps me sharp and allows room for improvement..(2 Timothy 2:15) Study Thyself aproved. No matter how many times you read the Bible back to back, may still leave you further away from the Truth if you do not know the ' Shepherd ' one may know the Author but to know the SHEPHERD is the key to share the writting of scripture and share the Gospel

  • This is encouraging to know I am remembering what I study. However... it isn't the facts you know about the Bible that matter in the end, it is your relationship with Jesus Christ. It's about a sincere and repentant heart. It's about putting the will of Christ 1st and not self.

  • I really enjoyed taking this quiz. Found out I knew more than I thought considering I haven't read the bible in years. Maybe some were wrong like the great flood, but that's what I thought too. And if I had written this quiz, I would have had the same answers. I didn't know the flood was more than 40 days and nights. What bible are you reading that says that? Most of the bibles I've read from differant religions all say 40 days and nights but don't mention 100 days. Anyways....fun quiz. Kudos.


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