Ultimate Badass Quiz

You think you are tough? This quiz can help you compare your toughness to some famous bada** mother*******! You are like Dirty Harry, or maybe like Sephiroth? Check it out!

And i guess this quiz is rather for male internet users. Anyway have fun and remember that this is only a silly personality quiz. INCLUDING PICTURES.

Created by: Rafal88022505435
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You get up early and what you do?
  2. You look in the mirror. Describe yer face.
  3. What you do next?
  4. Weapon of choise?
  5. You are about to kill your foe. You say to him before dealing the final blow:
  6. How do you fight your enemy?
  7. Your goal?
  8. Favourite color.
  9. About your parents?
  10. LAST: What woul you do if this quiz had 100 more questions to go?

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