Selena Gomez Ultimate Quiz!!

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This will put you to the test if you are the ULTIMATE Selena Gomez FAN! So plz tell er'body to take it! Its fun and not boring like others! So plz tell everyone and enjoy! Hope your the ULTIMATE FAN!

Do you think you have what it takes to put yourself to the ULTIMATE Selena Gomez test? Well there's only one way to find out! Take the test and you will be asked questions never asked by anyone before! So do you have what it takes?

Created by: Daniela
  1. What is her FULL birth name?
  2. Celebrity crush.
  3. Enjoys singing to. . .
  4. Currently working on . . .
  5. Favorite TV show.
  6. Has NOT been on (2009)
  7. First hit single!
  8. How many pairs of Converse does she have?
  9. Who did she play on Barney ?
  10. She has worked with. . .
  11. Selena wears a purity ring that says. . .
  12. From what heritage is she?
  13. Really really wants to meet. . .
  14. Enjoys snacking on. . .
  15. She is ambassador for DoSomething. Org.
  16. Is the new face for Sears Back-To-School fashion ad campaign?
  17. This is not one of her roles.

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