The Life Of Selena Gomez

There are many Selena Gomez geeks out there. But truly what IS a geek? A Selena Gomez geek is someone who has a very clever min and knows a lot about her.

But wait, do you think YOU are a Selena Gomez genius? Think you know all about her life? Well, thanks to this quiz, you shall test your knowledge and see if you really do know her.

Created by: Gelisa
  1. When Selena Gomez was young, what kids show was she in? (Voice overs and acting)
  2. How old was she when she did it?
  3. Sel guest starred in which Disney Channel show as Gwen?
  4. What year did she guest star as Mikayla in Hannah Montana?
  5. Which theme tune does Selly sing?
  6. Selena did a voice over in a Dreamworks film, which one was it?
  7. What film am I seeing today with Selena in today? *Just pick randomly*
  8. Fly to Your Heart is from which film?
  9. Is she going to have a band this year or next year?
  10. Lucky gal alert! Lucky Selly was in WHICH Jonas Brother's music video along with Moises Aires?
  11. Demi Lovato is going to be in which film with Sel?

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