Selena Gomez Quiz

"This quiz is about Selena and what she does and all. People that are a big fan should know all these questions I've put in for this quiz. If you not the quiz type, I recommend you shouldn't take this quiz. This quiz is for only people who want to see if they know they're Selena trivia. I say this quiz is awesome!"

"Are you a fan of Selena? If you are, take this mega quiz and if you do good, great. Not so well, try again! People that are smart at celebrities must have the smarts to get one hundred percent to this quiz. My quiz has certain qualities of questions that ask you about Selena. Have fun!"

Created by: Ashton
  1. When was Selena born?
  2. Where is Selena's hometown?
  3. What is Selena's favorite food?
  4. How many siblings does Selena have?
  5. Did Selena's parents divorce?
  6. Is Selena true friends with Miley?
  7. Who was one of the boys that was rumored to be dating Selena?
  8. When did Selena Gomez meet Demi?
  9. Is Selena a Twilight fan?
  10. is it true that Selena loves Taylor Lautner?

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