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First off, this is Selena. Hi. I'm Selena. You people know me. I just wanted to make this sexy quiz in my second account. I'm watching Gravity Falls right now. Good times.

So yeah, this is based off of something my mom said. Is your cat Rihanna? What does your cat do when your not looking? Is she secretly a celebrity? This quiz will tell your everything about your cat and his or her secret life.

Created by: Selenafish
  1. Is your cat male or female?
  2. Do you know the song Diamonds by Rhianna? Well, at the part where she sings "Shining bright like a diamond" does your cat's meow sound like her saying "bright"?
  3. Does your cat put up with Chris Brown?
  4. What is your cat's zodiac sign?
  5. Does your cat enjoy singing?
  6. Is your cat even a real cat?
  7. Do you like your cat?
  8. Do you like Rihanna?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: IS my CAT RHIANNA?