selena gomez guess that lyrics!

well i know nobody reads this please be nice because this is my first quiz and to keep you guys posted ill be starting a love story soon.well right now im on vacation so i dont think ill be on much but i promise youll see more of me!oh and if this gets deleted,my user right now, the new one will be selenaGfan!

well i hope you find a good score! will you be the top ranks of the SG fans? or will you be left in the ditch with the others?well then take this quiz to find out!

Created by: selenagomezfan
  1. from the floor to the rafts people raise your glasses we could dance forever!what song are these lyrics from?
  2. preacher man walked into the club he said...
  3. "you try to pull me close,and whisper in my ear"what song is this lyrics from?
  4. which of these lyrics is from naturally?
  5. what album is "who says" in?
  6. who says, who says your not perfect...
  7. "the stars are burning i hear your voice in my mind"what song?
  8. how many silables is "hit the lights" chorus?
  9. from question 4,what song is the lyrics from?
  10. from here they dont was this fun?
  11. rate and comment?

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