New Jersey Devils Player Profile

This is a quiz on how well you know the New Jersey Devils as a team and individual players. Let's see if you know as much as you say and/or think you know!

Let's find out how much you know about the New Jersey Devils. If your not with us your against us, so go back over the Hudson and join Scott Gomez and the other sell outs on the Rangers!

Created by: James
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  1. Who is #30 on the New Jersey Devils?
  2. Who is the current captain?
  3. Who are the only Devils currently on the team who won all three stanley cups?
  4. Which former devils are coaching with Brent Sutter?
  5. What two former Devils became sell outs and went to the New York Rangers?
  6. Which former Devils became a sell out and signed with the Anaheim Ducks?
  7. Who are the only two Devils to have their jerseys retired?
  8. Where do the Devils play hockey?
  9. Who was the Devils first goal tender from the 1974 -1975 season?
  10. What are the Devils colors?
  11. Who & Where did the Devils play before coming to New Jersey

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