twisted unatural love story

Hey guys! This is my first quiz. It's based on my fave quizzes!With a little bit of me.I hope you like it ad plz don't leave man comments! Oh by the way in this your name Emily.

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Created by: hector

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  1. (read description) You're at the mall with you're best friend.While she pays for her stuff,you walk outside the store into the mall.You can't help but notice a guy staring at you.He is about you're age and has dark blue eyes.His blonde hair falls over his left eye.You look inside for your friend,when you turn back, he's gone.Your thoughts..
  2. When your friend comes out you head to the food court.Your bff stops to go to the
  3. Assuming you chose the 2nd one,You wait outside.You notice another guy taring at you,almost studying you. This one has bright green eyes and jet black hair.Your thoughts...
  4. Your friend comes out of the bathroom and you go to the food court.You buy your lunch and sit down.Your friend is still deciding. You find a table and sit down.You look around and see blondie and green eyes sitting together 1 table down.
  5. They're sitting with a red-head boy with hazel eyes. He seems really nervous about what they are telling him.They seem familiar.He glances at you.You look down.
  6. You see Blondie trembling and shaking and really freaking out.He looks really freaked out and scared.You can hear what they're saying."Are you sure she's one?"red-head whispers."You think I'm shaking like this on purpose you idiot?!"He screams."Hey calm down.We'll sort it out."Says green-eyes.They look worried about him then they all look at you.
  7. Your best friend comes back.The boys look so ask you're best friend if she knows them."Oh yeah!They're those really cute new guys in our class...isn't there 1 more?"she says.
  8. You pack up your things go to your best friends car.your having a sleepover at your best friends house.When you get there your first thoughts are..
  9. You and your friend are watching a movie and you go downstairs for a snack.As you do the door bell rings. As you're about to answer the door flies open.It hits you in the head and the world goes blank

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