twilight movie trivia

There are many twilight fans, but there are few twilihgt super fans. In order to be a super fan, you have to study hard on twilight, and read the books too, don't just watch the movies!

Are YOU a twilight superfan? Do you know almost EVERYTHING there is to know about twilight? You could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, you will find out in just a few minutes!

Created by: brittany of the twilight site
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  1. are Alice's visions always correct?
  2. What is Jasper's gift?
  3. how old is Edward in human years?
  4. why does Edward love Bella?
  5. what is Edward's blonde sister's name?
  6. wich is faster, vampires o wolves?
  7. who was the firs of the pack to become a wolf?
  8. when Bella went cliff diving in the movie New Moon, Alice:
  9. What is Edward's gift?
  10. When Bella told Jaob he was kinda beautiful, he said:

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