Twilight LOVERS come here!! Twilight HATERS come here too!!~

Ok, now that I got your attention... this quiz will SOLIDIFY whether you are a TRUE twilighter or a true HATER. Or if you don't like it anymore, or if you're never heard of it. If you kind of like it, well GO AWAY BEEYOTCH THIS AINT FOR YEW. jk. This is the ULTIMATE Twilight quiz with 20 questions!!!

So... do ya love it? Hate it? Hate it but would totally do Taylor Lautner? Well, this quiz will tell you the answer to that! Well, maybe not that last question. REMEMBER to comment + rate PLZ! And just for the few people who care if I like twilight; I'm the people that USED to like it before all the fangirls attacked it. But now I realize it's trash... lol.

Created by: mari
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  1. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, ....?
  2. What is Bella's middle name?
  3. What are the colors on the covers of the Twilight Saga books?
  4. How old does Edward say he is?
  5. In the 2nd book, what does Edward do?
  6. Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  7. Edwards handwriting is...
  8. Kristen Stewert...
  9. You go to Hot Topic...
  10. You are exactly my brand of...
  11. Renesmee...
  12. Charlie
  13. If you saw Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, or any of the Twilight cast, you would...
  14. Who is your fav Twilight character?
  15. In the 5th book, what happens?
  16. Ok, next question is really important. But this is just a freebie. The question is, what is the first capitalized word on page 58 in Eclipse?
  17. Just kiddin. I don't even own Eclipse & I doubt I could find the answer anyway.
  18. last question: vanilla pudding or chocolate?

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