Tucson Quiz 100

So, here's another quiz. It's about Tucson and drinking of course. Which is where we are mostly. Sans the drinking part, well us anyways because we're the taxi drivers. Which would makes us the sober participants in your party night. Well anyways, party hard, pass out and then do it again tomorrow!

I was motivated to do a quiz of this sort because, well besides shameless promotion. I like quizzes myself. I hope that practice will make perfect, eventually. In a format that is between YDKJ-You Don't Know Jack and NPR's What Do You Know.

Created by: buttface01
  1. Who is the best looking at the Candy Store?
  2. What is the total area of Tucson?
  3. What is Tucson's elevation?
  4. What is Tucson's city sales tax?
  5. How many tourists come to Tucson per year?
  6. If you're at El Con Mall and you need a cab. Where would your cross streets be?
  7. What does the word Tucson mean?
  8. If I weighed 120 lbs, how many drinks would it take for me to be legally drunk in 1 hour?
  9. Who said this,"I drink to make other people interesting."
  10. Where does beer get it's amazing alcoholic quality from?

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