What is your peeing style?

Are you a bed wetter or a shower tiddler? You will never know what your pee style says about you, but you can get some pretty close ideas from here. Sit back and relax- but don’t relax too hard!

This quiz includes a story involving a taxi driver. If you, for any reason, dislike taxi drivers, you may want to skip that part. However, that’s quite unlikely, so get started!

Created by: Splishy splash

  1. You’re at school, during a test. Suddenly you feel that sensation that means you have to pee. Whaddya do?
  2. What do you associate with peeing
  3. Where do you usually pee?
  4. You’re at home. You need to empty the tank, but your favourite show is on.
  5. You are at an important meeting and your bladder starts to feel funny. After 10 mins you start to feel it. Drip. Drop. Drip...
  6. Which word sums up peeing
  7. You’re at the beach and there’s a long queue for the bathrooms. You
  8. When you pee, what do you do?
  9. The following questions are a story.
  10. You’re having an ordinary day. Suddenly, you notice a funny feeling in your lower abdomen.
  11. You decide to ignore it. You carry on walking. You pass the bathroom. You don’t need it. But 10 mins later... there it is again! That feeling! It tickles and feels warm inside.
  12. After about 30 mins, you know you definitely need to go! You hop in a taxi and cross your legs, but you can feel spots... and if you start, you won’t be able to stop!
  13. Nope, you’re definitely spotting. The taxi driver looks over his shoulder and asks if you’re ok. You decide to just smile and nod. You can hold it.
  14. After 10 mins, you’re close to exploding. The driver asks if you’re ok again. This time, you ask to get out. You run towards
  15. You finally reach your destination and can’t hold it any more. You release and the water is warm and gentle. Your clothes are soaked. The floor is drenched. You spread your legs wide apart, and feel the water rushing to the ground. It feels
  16. You realise you are surrounded by people who have just watched you toodle all over the floor.
  17. As if that isn’t bad enough, you now feel something welling up inside of you. Something big. It slides down your body, and it’s about to break free. You need a number two, and you can’t hold it in.
  18. You get home and change your clothes. A family member calls you on your phone. They ask- was everything ok today? A taxi driver told me you had to leave his taxi. You reply
  19. Suddenly, you wake up in bed. It was all a dream!
  20. But that’s when you realise you’re lying in a yellow puddle.
  21. The story has ended. Did you enjoy it?
  22. A genie comes. You ask
  23. You pee
  24. You ask your teacher if you can go to the bathroom, but the doesn’t let you go. You end up peeing in class.
  25. And finally, drink four cups of water and wait ten minutes. Then listen to water sounds on YouTube for five minutes. Lie on your tum, and spread your arms wide, enjoy the sound of nature’s music. Undress and sit on the toilet when you’re done with the video. Don’t pee! Then hop off after 5 mins and dress back up again. How do you feel?

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Quiz topic: What is my peeing style?