Try to win at a paintball game with the wolves



Created by: My_Wolves

  1. I copied this from sonic tails person idk I have no guilt I will be making a prank war with Max quiz tho he knows a lot of pranks even maybe deadly ones
  2. What team *Red= Sam* *Blue= Me* *Red= Max*
  3. K I got a plan *grabs figures of you and me* so you go grab the flag while I distract them and if they see you just run but if they start shooting at me just run got it we just gotta win!
  4. Dats all I got im useless imma just spam now
  5. hubhubhubhin
  6. hihnihjnhunhnunhuhnu
  7. e
  8. e
  9. LIMES
  10. s

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