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Alright, first off, as always it seems, I'm apologizing for the huge delay. I've been focused on other books I've been writing and I'm failing a couple classes but, those shouldn't be excuses on why I haven't gotten this out yet. Am I right? Thought so.

Hopefully this had you all surprised and you won't hate me too much after this. And it only took forever to right! HEY, AND YOU MUST READ THIS PART: I've decided to put two parts to the Midnight Game prank because in my mind it would make it all the more interesting. Anyways, I'll let you all read now. Love, Fireprincess. No need to add the 1996.(:

Created by: fireprincess1996

  1. By six 'o clock, all of you girls were crowded in you and Renee's room. You just finished making sure no-one was around so you could get everything and plan more stuff. Matt, you and Renee's dad said you could use the house for the night since he's going to be on a business trip for about three days. It was the perfect place to play the game at. "Wait," Nakia says and you all froze clutching on to pillows, back packs, and blankets. Nakia holds out her hand and Lilah entwines her hand with Nakia's. "We have to promise, as in oath, that if something bad should happen tonight, I promise you, and I hope you'll promise back, that I will stick with each of you guys, until the end of time. No-one gets left behind," Nakia looks each of you guys in the eyes. You and Renee entwine hands, Sam and Sylabell join hands, And Sam used her other hand to entwine it with Phoenix's. You all entwined fingers with each other and vowed the same thing that Nakia did. After you guys teleported back and forth with you to set up the pillow's and everything before the boys came to see if you guys were ready. This has to work, you think. If it doesn't than you'll just fail at pranking. "Sissy, do you think it'll work?" Renee says causing you to freeze, and look back at her. "Can't honestly say, Ren," You tell her, turning back to moving furniture, and setting blankets and pillows down. Your phone vibrates in your pocket and you check the caller ID. Its {______}. "Hey, Renee? Can you finish this? I think the boys are ready now," You ask her and Lilah says quickly, "Remember, act cool. As far as they're concerned you guys think pranks are childish and immature." "Got it!" You yell before answering the phone. "Yolo?" "Yolo? Nevermind, I don't wanna know. Anyways, you guys ready?" {______}'s calm voice comes through the small phone, making you feel a bit guilty. "Yup.. We're just moving the furniture and getting our blankets and pillows all down. What about you guys, are you ready?" In the backround you can hear talking and a.. T.V? "Yeah, we're ready. So, you'll be here in a couple minutes, right?" "Right." You hang up the phone and turn around to be greeted by a short, blood blonde mix haired girl. The famous April. You jump a little bit. "God, the hell is wrong with you?" You say looking around to see if any of the girls heard you. "I want to be a part of this. I don't like how everyone was talking to you the other day," April stares up to you and you crouch down so you're at her level, even though she isn't all that short. You lower your voice to a whisper, "Why did you show me that? To prove that Renee's a traitor? I don't understand why you're talking to me, showing yourself to me, when Lilah's the one who can see ghosts, and obviously you're a ghost, so why don't you just tell her all the problems warnings and riddles, okay?" Aprils face stays blank, unfazed by your harsh attitiude. "I can't," She says, looking you in the eyes. "Why not?" You whine, getting tired of not having answers. But, life doesn't come with the answers you want them to, does it? "Because you're the chosen. You're Sarafines daughter. And Renee isn't a traitor, not technically speaking, anyways." "Why am I the chosen one? What does that mean? What does my mother have anything to do with this?" You grow impatient, knowing no-one else can give you the answers to your questions but April. "Just choose your options wisely. They're coming, and you don't have much time," April's voice begins to fade, making you want to scream in anger. "BUT WHAT'S COMING?!" You scream before she fades. "_______?" Lilah's voice comes from your left, and both her and Nakia right beside her. You look away from them, in the spot where April was just standing -or hovering- and reply, "Yeah, I'm fine." But, a voice in the back of your mind disagreed. "I'm just gonna go get the guys, okay?" You add. Nakia nods, a small gesture with a lot of meaning. "Be careful, okay?" She looks at you with her enchanting green eyes, that are what? Scared or worried? Both? You close your eyes, take a deep breath and when you open them your in Alex's room.
  2. Right before you were about to open your eyes you were pelted with somehing liquidy and than a powder substance. You stood there, hands up, eyes wide, covered in water, eggs, and flour. "YOU GUYS!" You screamed and they all erupted in laughter. "Are you-NO-You guys are washing my clothes now-I can't belive-" You couldn't help but smile and laugh with them. "Man, you're making a mess on my floor," Alex laughs and you pushed him off the bed he was sitting on. "Yeah, yeah. Let's go so I can get cleaned up and the girls don't freak out because we're taking forever," You say. "Oh, wait, Alex, one more thing?" You add. "Yeah?" Alex asks, suspicious. You wipe a hand on your cheek and put it on Alex's. "There you go, much better," You smile sweetly. "Thanks, a lot." "Welcome." "Do we have to touch you? You're all icky now," Max says, trying not to laugh again. "Mm, and who's fault is that, huh?" You say holding out two hands. Once you were at the house, the girls erupted into laughter once they got a good look at you. "They got you good didn't they?" Nakia asks and Lilah gives the boys a disapproving look, "We told you we weren't doing prank week this year," She frowns, but you can tell she's hiding a smile. "It was one prank, Li. One prank isn't going to hurt anyone," Fang says. "Yeah, Li, come on. Have some fun," Alex chimed in. By now you were in the bathroom closing the door. After getting all cleaned off and in fresh clothes, you put the other set of clothes in the washer starting it. When you walked back out to the living room everyone was arguing about what to do to pass the time until you started the Game. "Let's watch a scary movie!" "We always do that, I say we go outside and play tag!" "Dude, it's like freezing outside, there ain't no way I'm going out there." "You'll be running stupid, you won't be cold." "I'm the stupid one? Alex you're the one who ran outside nak-" "Okay, you guys let's just figure something out fast because I do not want to hear the rest of what Max was just going to say," You quickly stepped in before Max could finish what he was about to say and Alex gave you a thankful look. "Well, than what are we going to do?" Atreyu called out, and everyone looked at you expectantly. You looked at each of them and stopped when you saw Phoenix's smirk. Her and Sam are close to each other, and it's pretty shocking how much they share with each other. "I think we should go outside and run around in the woods acting like animals," Phoenix said and Sam's face got red from trying not to laugh. Everyone looked at Phoenix with a strange look on their face. "Why would we want to do that?" Alex. "I'm up for it!" Nakia Jae. "That makes what sense?" Renee. "You guys! Come on we have to have fun sometime." Phoenix protested. And so the fun began.
  3. "We split up into groups. We're going to draw from the hat, and since there's like twelve of us here, we'll divide into groups of four. We all wrote our names on a little slip of paper and put it in an old beanie hat Renee had found in the garage. If anyone knew this house it was Renee. Phoenix shook up the hat and looked at Sam. "Sam, pick the first group." When Sam reached for the hat Phoenix moved the hat away from Sam's reach. "Ah, no peeking," Phoenix moved the hat back to Sam and held it in the air. Sam reached into the air, without looking, and grabbed four slips one by one. "First group is; Renee, Zaine, Me, and Phoenix," Sam smiled, satisfied that she was with her best friend. Sam picked out four more slips of paper and unfolded them on the paper. "Second group; Fang, Alex, Max, and Atreyu." "No surprise there," Renee commented and when Fang looked at her she acted like she hadn't said anything. She had covered up her laughter by coughing. All that was left was you, Lilah, Nakia Jae, and Syllabell. You all were satisfied on the groups. "Alright, now basically what we're going to do is we're basically playing cops and robbers but, in a twisted version," Phoenix said, not making any sense. "What does that mean?" Renee asks, seeming more interested than before. "It means," Phoenix was slightly annoyed. "that we're running freely through the woods, acting wild waiting for someone to come get us, and the last person who makes it back to the house, wins. Me and my friends used to play it when we were kids. I won everytime." She gave a proud smile. "Let's do this then!" Nakia yelled jumping up. "Game on," You heard Renee whisper and smile excitedly. You all walked outside, Max grumbling under his breath. You'd think for a werewolf he'd be happy about running and all that exercise stuff. "What's the point of this game again?" You ask, looking out at the shadow of tree's that seem to be endless. "I told you, it's like a twisted version of Cops & Robbers, Expect your divided into groups and if you and your group split up your automatically on your own," Phoenix smile made you suspicious that she was leaving out something and it seemed like Renee knew what. "These aren't just regular woods, though," Renee spoke, her voice loud against the silent night. "I did some research in the library after Janise's death and it says that these woods, the Great Shadow woods, yeah, I know corny name, anyways the Great Shadow woods are home to all kinds of mythical life. Faeries, unusually large wolves, not particularly werewolves, everything. It's like where Darkness and Light collides if you think about it," Renee's smile never dropped. "Bull," you say, already getting an uneasy feeling in your stomach. You patted the pocket in your jeans to make sure the necklace you ripped off of Janise was still there. It was. Renee started to protest when Phoenix gave you a mischievious grin, before saying, "No, let her find out herself." You shivered, looking back out at the black forest. It felt like a scene out of a scary movie, the teenagers running recklessly into the woods, unaware of what creatures could be waiting. The only thing is, you guys aren't regular teenagers and you knew of the dangers this could bring. Especially since it was a full moon. You think back to the weeks after Janise had died, Raven told you and Renee that it was dangerous to go out into the night, especially with your reputation. "Whatever, let's just get this over with, so we can do the game, and sleep in tomorrow," Nakia says, and you all stood by your group. "Oh, one more thing, you guys?" Phoenix and Sam held hands, Sams hair sticking to her face with static from the cold air. "What's that?" Alex asks warily. "Return alive."
  4. It was like a bell went off, you all just started running through the woods in your groups, howling and screaming into the wind. It was like you didn't have control of your body, and neither did the others. It was hard to see, but the moon's shine was there to guide you. You heard leaves rustle around you and it didn't take a genius to figure out that Nakia Jae, Lilah, and Syllabell. "What is the point of this game again?" Lilah asks sounding slightly annoyed, not quite out of breath yet. You stop abruptly, an evil grin stretching across your face. Having noticed your sudden absence, the other's stop, looking back at you. "What is it?" Nakia asks, and so you tell her. "I think I know a way to win, but it involves us all," You tell her, patting your pocket to make sure the medallion is still there. "Well than, come on, tell us!" Syl says, impatient to know. You were about to talk when you noticed something from the corner of your eyes. You turn your full attention towards it. It was short and familiar, running past the tree's around you. April. "Hello? Earth to _______! What's the big idea?" Lilah says her hand waving in your face. You blink, racking your brain but finding nothing. "I-uh, forgot. " You say sheepishly. You look back in the direction of April to find that she stopped running and was looking at you, motioning for you to follow. You put a hand to your forehead, close your eyes and take a deep breath and whisper, "Not now, please, not now." When you open your eyes three pairs of eyes are on you, not including April's. "Not now what?" Lilah says, suspicious, having not noticed April. You ignore April, and just fake a smile and shake your head. "Nothing, let's go." You begin walking thankful that the other's don't question and do the same. "So, what do you think this place is about?" You strike up the conversation. "What do you mean?" Nakia asks, suddenly shivering. You mess with the white scar on your palm, you got it a couple months ago when you made a blood oath with the girls to stick around forever. "What I mean is, well, Renee and Phoenix said this place was where Darkness and Light collides, how can that be?" You feel childish, but you'd do anything to keep yourself from following April, who was now walking beside you trying to get your attention. "Hey, are you gonna ignore me still? I need you to come with me, it's important. You want answers right? Hello?" Her voice rang though you were the only one to hear it. You clenched your jaw, and ignored her the best you could. "Magic has a way with things, Light or Dark. It's like a hide-away for anyone, I guess. A secret place that's glamoured," Lilah explains, but you barely hear her over Aprils rambling. Than April seemed to silence-it's about time-but, it didn't last for long when she grabbed your wrist and jerked your forward. You lost your balance and started to trip when she tugged you again, almost pulling your wrist out of it's socket. "Ow, April!" You yell without thinking and she tugs on your wrist again and the other girls look at you with wide eyes. "What?" You snap, your arm outstretched as you stumble with April to keep your arm from being dislocated. "Come on," April says tugging at your arm hard once again. "You're going to miss it!" "Miss what?" You put your hand over hers to try to pry it off but she has you in a death grip. When she doesn't answer you make an "ugh" sound before saying, "You know what, April? I don't want to go with you, I don't care what I'm missing, I don't know why you're following me, I don't know if Lilah can even see you or if you really are a figment of my imagination. Just go away, because I don't have time for this!" You snap at her and she freezes, causing you to almost trip. Lilah, Nakia, and Syllabell are right beside you guys, staring at you with confused/shocked/disbelief expressions on their face. "______..?" Lilah whispers and you look at her eyes blazing. "What, Lilah? If you're going to ask if I'm okay, than just don't because I don't know if I'm okay and I don't care if you guys think I'm crazy, it doesn't really matter anymore." "We already told you that we don't think you're crazy and don't snap at us we're just trying to figure out what the hell is going on," Nakia says, defending Lilah. "I didn't want to have to do this," April says, and reaches into your pocket and pulls out the medallion. "What are you doing?" You scream at her and all eyes were on the medallion. Another hand shot out and grabbed yours, keeping you from pulling away though you still struggle. "April, let go of me," You yell at her, looking at the other girls for help. Nakia's struggling with something-or rather someone-you can't see. "Are you going to come willingly, than?" April unclasps the chain, ready to put it on your neck. A part of you wanted to snatch it out of her hand and put it on yourself, but another part was screaming that it was trouble. "Yes," You nod. "Yes, I'll come willingly."
  5. The wind howled, and you could hear the others screaming from a distant. It was you, Nakia, Lilah, Syllabell, and April walking through the woods, only April knowing where she was going and the other's relying on you since they couldn't see April and she still had the medallion. "So why do you have this thing?" She asks, swinging it so it coils around her finger. "Give me it, okay?" You say, snatching it from her. She put her hands up in defeat, than dropped them at her sides. "Where are we going?" Your hands were numb and the hairs on your arm were standing up from the cold. "Ssh, we're here," She grabbed your hand, making you even more cold. You look back at Lilah, Nakia, and Syllabell and you shrug at their questioning expressions. "Stop, and be quiet," April orders, and you motion for the other girls to stop talking and look out into a clearing full of people, or rather things. Demons, Fallen Angels, Elves, Faeries, Shape-shifter's, Werewolves half transformed, Goblins, you name it. There had to be at least over one-hundred of them here. But, why? At the head of the rows of creatures, stood a hooded figure. It was wearing a black cloak that covered the whole body, feet and all. The crowd was mumbling to one another, a chorus of chatter that soon silence with a wave of the cloaked figures slim bony hand. "Fellow creatures, I called you here for an important reason. As you all know, the head vampire has been killed by Sarafina's daughter. She holds the key to Janise's power, which calls for the Next. If my research is correct, than the girl is the Next in line. She holds ancient powers that have been part of the Forbidden," the voice was definitely female but, it wasn't one you'd recognize. A Faerie spoke up from the audience. She had green hair with leaves and her skin was blue, other than that she was terrifically beautiful. "And what does this have to do with us?" Her voice chimed like music, deadly but enchanting. "Nothing, unless the satisfaction of getting the necklace on her and getting her to us. She is close, I feel it pulsing through my veins. She is somewhere in these woods, somewhere close." A demon spoke up next. "How do we find this girl?" His voice was gravelly and full of amusement and you shot a glance at April. She was looking at your pocket where the necklace was. "I-I didn't know," She barely whispered. "I've known this girl all her life, I've watched her from the shadows and I've got contact with her family," The demon spoke again, nearly interrupting the Cloaked Woman. "We've all heard of her, but how would we know what she looks like?" The necklace pulsed like a heartbeat in your pocket and your fingers itched to touch it. "You cannot mistake her, she is the spitting image of her mother. But, beware. She is not as stupid as you think. She could be listening this very moment, watching from the shadows. She is cunning, and sneaky. She is deadly, though she is not aware yet. She see's things other's don't, and she protected by another great power." You felt like you were going to throw up. Could you really be what she says you are? "What power would that be?" Another Faerie spoke out of the crowd. "The power of both the Light and the Dark."
  6. "I think it's time to go," Nakia whispered, and you all turned, even April. Twigs snapped under your guys' feet, and you all gave each other "Oh-Crap" looks while looking back at the crowd. Every creature was looking in your direction, growling, baring teeth, snarling, smirking. "Well, well. Let the hunt begin," It echoed throughout the tree's and boomed through your bodies. "Run!" April yelled and you all did on cue. Sprinting in the dark, there was a cheer so loud you were sure wherever the other's were they heard it. "Everyone join hands, even you April! There's no way we can outrun them all!" You shriek, reaching for whoever's hand in yours. Your hand interlocked with someone's, it was small and warm, despite the harsh cold of the air. "We're all connected, I think!" Nakia yelled, and a cold hand slipped in your other hand. Someone clawed at your back and a freezing yet burning sensation went through you. Gasping in surprise you suddenly stumbled through the living-room of your dad's house, the burning in your back gone. You all fell on one another creating a loud noise. You all just lay there for a minute, wondering if what happened was real or not. Than Lilah sat upright first. "The other's, we have to find the others!" Nakia sat up next, "We have to seal this place off, put some spell on it to make it invisible or a ward around it!" You could hear the howling and cheering already and it made you more nervous. You sat up next followed my syllabell. You started barking orders like, "Lilah, you call the boys than Sam or Pheonix. Nakia, find a spell to make this place off-limit's or whatever, uh, Syllabell, do your sister a favor and call Sam's group." You started shutting off lights. "I need your help though," Nakia protested, and you nodded going down the hall and turning off the hall light. "Alright, go look around the house for a book of spells or just find one off of the Internet while I get some of the candles for the prank," You say, Lilah and Syllabell talking hurridly on their phones. "The Internet really?" "Oh, I'm sorry, just waste precious time looking around this place for a spell that could save us within minutes!" You snap, panicking. But, then again, you all were. You sighed before saying and turned off the last light in the house so it was completely dark except for the lights from phones, "Okay, I'll help you but, we have to make it fast." The noise grew nearer as you guys finally found the book that you needed. "Who knew that your dad had all of this stuff?" Nakia said, flipping to the right page. "I know right? Especially since he was so freaked out about my mom," You say lighting the last candle. You both recited the spell and Lilah and Syllabell came in, looking at you two with hopeful looks. Nakia nodded, and Lilah says, "We call them, they're downstairs. They said they heard the noise too and that they're getting ready for the midnight game." "You didn't tell me about what we saw did you?" You lowered your voice at the last part, none of you had spoken about what you all had saw back there, and April was nowhere to be found. "Hell no, I wouldn't sell you out like that and that chick needs a reality check because we would've known if you were fully Dark the moment we saw you. It's something people like us know," Lilah replied, loyal as always. "But, not if I was both?" "No way you're both." The noise stopped, making you all look around. "Do you think it worked?" You whisper, afraid that they stopped because they had found you. "Let's go to the basement," Nakia avoided the question, which mean't she didn't know. You picked up the candle holders and walk out of the room, down the hall and to the basement door. Syllabell goes down first, using her phone as a light, than goes you, than Lilah, than Nakia. "Guys," you whisper, your heart pounding. "Are you down here?" "Yeah, in here!" Zaine called, making all of your eyes widen. "Shut up! They're going to hear you!" Sam snapped, something she hardly did. "I knew going in those woods was a bad idea," Alex grumbled. "For the millionth time, Alex. I didn't know an army of the Dark was going to come and try to attack us," Phoenix threw her hands up melodramatically. "All of you just shut up," Renee whisper-yelled at them. "Let's just do the game and forget about them okay? It's almost midnight anyways, and we can use the cellar door. A cold draft went through you guys, making everyone shudder and shiver. You and Nakia place the candles down, and light others for everyone else. After writing everyone's name on a piece of paper and pricking fingers with needles and drawing blood, you all get up in the order the names were wrote down and lightly knock on the wooden cellar door twenty-two times, the last set of knocks at exactly midnight as planned. Before opening the cellar door, Fang took a look at you all. "And you're all sure about this? Because once I open the door there's no turning back, weither this is real or not," He says, one hand on the cellar door, the candle in the other. You all nod, ready for the game. "Okay than," He says, opening the cellar door about a quarter of the way, and blew out the candle he was holding, shut the cellar door than re-lit the candle. Looking back to you all as you stood, he said in a hushed tone, "We welcome you, Midnight Man."
  7. Alright, guys. Short, I know I should have made it longer, but I've decided to split this one up into two parts. For the fun of it. Hopefully you enjoyed this one, I was scared out of my mind writing it, only because I'm weird like that.
  8. And I know I'm super-duper late on getting this out, and I feel terrible about it. I had writers block for a good two weeks at the most than I was busy with homework and getting my grades up and family issues. I'm not asking for your forgiveness though, but I am asking for you to stick with the series if you will.
  9. And I hope this quiz surprised you all, though it probably didn't make sense I was all writing it based off instinct.. Yeah, something like that. I know I disappointed a lot (or few depending on how many people are reading these..) and hopefully, maybe, just maybe this quiz made it up almost?
  10. Stay strong and keep reading on, my beauties!

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