Are You a True Prankster?

Please leave a comment! I really need a prank like really bad so please leave a prank that will make you a pranky prankster so submit a prank now i need it this will repeat

They wouldn't let me repeat so hows your life i love cheese i love peanuts or am i allergic don't know fishtober 15 just saw it on fish hooks ha ok well bye

Created by: lilly1996
  1. Ok just pick the first
  2. Well April Fools is in 2 days and i really need you to help
  3. I need a prank to pull on my teacher
  4. She is sorta mean but nice sometimes shes like 55
  5. don't put something like "don't do one" please put a real prank
  6. I really really need one
  7. it can't get me in touble though
  8. it has to be fast
  9. Please please please give me some ideas
  10. Leave them as a comment
  11. im sorry you expected a different quiz but i really need one i cant find one on the internet please give me some

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Prankster?