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Alright guys, this is the sequel to my first series, "Magic & Boys." So if you haven't read that go to my profile and read it! Seriously.. Go.. Now..

Or I'll stab you in the eye with a really hot french fry.. And for those who have read "Magic & Boys" Enjoy this lame first quiz chapter thing of the Sequel "Pretty Flowers in the Dust" If you don't I just won't continue this.. Bye guys!!

Created by: fireprincess1996

  1. One thing before I start, to all of you "Magic & Boys" fans, this is for you. Enjoy, beauties.
  2. Fourteen months have passed by. Nakia Jae and Atreyu are now parents. They have the cutest little baby. They named her Abel.You and _______ are so much closer than ever. You're inseparable. And Renee, oh, remember Renee? She's more than your sister now. She's like a daughter! She's exactly like you! Half mortal, half immortal.Weird right? Alex, Fang, and Max are pretty much the same. Sam is still the same healer, Dulcesita is nowhere to be found. Phoenix is still the same cocky kid, but she actually cares. You're becoming so much like your mom. You even have more powers. Raven's still the same scary creepy Raven she is. You and Renee visit your father from time to time, but not often. Lilah and Syllabell died their hair again. Well all Lilah did to hers was die it brown which caused her pink highlights to turn purple, and Syllabell left hers the same, but her blue turned green. Enough with the introduction though.
  3. "Do you really think you would get away with killing, Janise?" a Dark angel says. You and Renee exchange a glance and you guys have to keep from laughing. You hold your hand out and she draws a bronze sword from her waist. Just by looking at it you are able to tell it isn't a normal sword. You can tell just buy the power radiating off of it. It could be a sword that injects poison killing you instantly, or a sword that was cursed with black magic that makes you suffer before dying. Which ever it was you aren't about to find out. You smirk at her, and you clench your hand. The Dark Angel starts making gagging noises and starts grabbing her throat. It's amazing what you can do with her hands. (*Not in the naughty way xD*) You look at Renee, your fist still clenched out in front of you. "Take the sword, it might be useful," You say and she nods and does so. Renee is very mature for a seven year old. She's seen so much death, and hatred. You guys were just having a peaceful walk through the woods, but oh no, the Dark Angel had to ruin that. The Dark Angel makes one last sound and she goes limp falling to ashes on the soil. "Bye-bye," Renee whispers and laughs. You smile at her. "Ready to go home?" You say and she nods. You grab her hand and you begin to walk in the opposite direction. "So, do you wanna do anything over the weekend?" You question swinging Renee's hand with yours. You giggle as Renee's face lights up. "Yes! Can we go see a movie? All of us, even Abel?" Renee begs. You shrug. "I'll talk it over with everyone, okay?" You say and she nods, satisfied.
  4. Once back at the HQ Renee hands you the sword carefully and you grip it telling her to go play with her friends or watch T.V or something in her room. You greet everyone who greets you in a friendly manner. You walk through the familiar white double doors that you did your first day here. Raven looked up at you and cracked a small smile. "Renee and I ran into a Dark Angel and she had this," You say handing the bronze sword towards her. "Impressive. It is very powerful. Who ever created this sword must have been very furious with something." Raven says looking over the sword. You mean furious with me, you thought in your head and she looked up. Raven sighs. "Perhaps," She says in her strange edgy voice. "I'll have someone put this in the training room. Go and relax for the day. You're off this weekend." Raven adds and you nod in reply. Maybe you could go hang out with [________], or see Nakia and Abel, or just have a night with Renee, or pull pranks with Sam and Phoenix, or go see Zaine. No, Too much choices, I'll just see if they're all together. Abel's most likely to be sleeping, anyways.
  5. You walk past the cafeteria, and about other doors. You come across Zaine's room and you hear laughing and talking. Perfect. You knock on the door and it immediately opens. "It's about time!" Lilah greets you and you just shrug. "I ran into someone on my way back," You say walking in and sitting on the bed with Syllabell, Sam, and Phoenix. "I kinda want to go into town and just have fun like a normal person," Phoenix says. "But we aren't normal," Lilah states. "That is true, I mean, human laws don't apply to us," Syllabell agrees. "Come on guys! We have to live a little!" Atreyu says and Nakia nods. "Lets just go have fun tonight. Walk the streets without having to deal with any demons or vamps or anything. Let's just blend in with the normal crowd," You say and finally everyone agrees. You, Sam, Phoenix, Nakia Jae, Lilah & Syllabell head to you and Renee's room to get ready. Finally, you think, a day where we can be normal.
  6. You dig through your closet and pull out your ripped red "Blood on the Dance Floor" Shirt and matching red skinny jeans. Your shirt wasn't made ripped, you had Nakia help you because you guys were doing a zombie movie a couple months ago. It has two slits on each of the sleeves and slits on the side. The others change into the clothes that they brought and you all do your make up. Renee asks to go along and you say yes, so she starts to change. You slip on your green and black checkered DC's and you sit on your bed waiting for everyone else. Once you girls are ready you walk to the cafeteria waiting for the boys. You grab a soda from the soda machine that doesn't have to take any money and people can just open it and take whatever pop they want. You swear, it gets refilled about ten times a day. How you guys can afford so many things here, you don't know. You think about your two cousins Jasmine and Josh. It's quite sad that you've lost a lot to gain little. It feels like a lifetime ago when you were first kidnapped. Kinda of ironic right? How a kidnapping turns into something great like this?
  7. Finally the boys come down looking like they're usual selves, but you can't help but check out [______]. He catches you staring and he smiles. "Like what you see?" He says in a cocky tone, causing you to blush while nodding. After you all talked for another ten minutes, you all start to decide on where you should go. Where should you guys go? That's a million dollar question. Considering you guys could go anywhere in the world. Everyone in the group was shouting out answers until Renee yells over everyone, "Guys! Guys!" But her being small apparently didn't help, because everyone kept talking. "Shut up!" She exclaims, and everyone falls silent. You can't help but smile down at your little sister. Half human or not. "Thank you, I think we should go to a small town just in-case trouble does show up. Wouldn't they suspect we'd be in a highly populated place, considering we're trying to avoid them?" Renee says, smiling in satisfaction at her wonderful thought. "Kids got a point," Sam says. "That's my little sister!" You say, giggling at your voice. After you guys try to come up with small towns you've visited, you gave up. You all didn't know a lot of towns. "Lets just see where we end up?" You say, more as a question, than a statement. Everyone murmurs their, "Yeahs" "Sures" and "Okays." Lets just see where we end up, you think as everyone joins hands.
  8. Okay, so I know it's been like forever since I told you guys I was going to make a sequel. But that's only because I had a lot of things going on. & I know it's short, I just wanted to get it out as soon as possible for you all. I really hope you all enjoy it I enjoyed writing it.
  9. It's pretty lame but, if you all comment telling me what you thought of it I might get more idea's and make it really interesting. So leave those comments! xD And maybe, just maybe, one of you lucky people might be in my story. If you leave me with a name, boy or girl, and a description and Biography. MAYBE, though. It's one of those last decision things.
  10. Alright.. I will be on my way again. Bye, beauties.

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