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For a change of pace and a little fun, once in a while, I'd like add a quiz. I'm not sure of all the topics I'll use, but I'm looking forward to seeing your results. So, sit back and give it a try. There are no winner or losers, just learners..........:)

This quiz focuses on nutrition knowledge. Do you have the knowledge it takes to be a nutrition expert? It's just for fun, so no pressure. Why not take a few minutes and see how much you know?

Created by: IAAdmin of Iowa Avenue
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  1. Which food the highest % of fat?
  2. What % of your daily Vitamin C is available in Fruit Roll-ups?
  3. How many cups of romaine lettuce would you have to eat to equal the amount of calories in 2oz of potato chips?
  4. Which kind of milk has the highest % of calcium per cup?
  5. If you peel an apple before you eat it, what % of the apple's fiber do you lose?
  6. How many grams of fat do 2T. most jam and jellies contain?
  7. Which KFC food has the highest % of fat?
  8. How many calories are in a medium sized apple?
  9. If you drink 3 cans of a regular cola product, how many calories have you drank?
  10. How many calories are in a Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza?

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