Fast food or Home dinning

This quiz is all about staying at home to eat or hitting the local burger joint. Which one are you? A person who stay's at home to eat might enjoy the calming walls of their kitchen, while a fast food junky enjoys the meal right NOW.

Are you a Fast Food Freak? or a modest person who enjoys eating at home? Why not step up to the counter and lay your money down or in this case the table. I "double dog dare" you to see which one you are.

Created by: rachel

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  1. Do you enjoy the fast food atmosphere?
  2. Is eating at home more your style?
  3. Do you know how to make a Hamburger at home?
  4. Do you know how a fast food place makes a hamburger?
  5. Do you enjoy the color red?
  6. Do you enjoy a creamy white color?
  7. Do you enjoy families?
  8. Do you enjoy peace?
  9. Does spending $15.00 dollars for two people to eat make you feel sick?
  10. Does spending $15.00 dollars on groceries for dinner make you happy?

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