true martial arts fighting style quiz

There are many tests to show you your fighting style.there are only a few test that will tell you what you truely are.I am a blue belt in taekwondow I have. Been practicing since 2006 this test will tell youwhat you truly are I have included only a basic few

Are you a takwondoe only wanting to protect yourself.or a judo who relishes in the power of strenght. A karate speed and intelligence. Or are you a free style

Created by: nicole

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  1. On a scale of one to three how agresive are you
  2. Are you at a healthy weight
  3. If you pick up a twig the the width of your thumb how easy can you break it with only your hands
  4. When you stand are your legs far apart or close each other
  5. Do you have good balance
  6. Can you Pick up a fifty pound bag of dog food by yourself and carry it fifty feet
  7. Do you have fast reflexes
  8. Do you have good memory
  9. If you are in a fight would you rather be alone or have a friend
  10. Do you see patterns of movement

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