what is your kung-fu/martial arts weapon

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this quiz of mine is about martial arts weapons and ancient asia. I hope you enjoy it. I take interest in weaponry maybe you do to. the results you can get are.... not telling hahahaha 8}

I'am new on go to quiz .com so lets see how I do my other quizzes are what is your spirit animal and are you a history wiz if you look them up I hope you enjoy them if you can please comment I want to improve

Created by: TYRANTULA

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what type of weapon would you want
  2. do you have any martial arts training be honest this effects your score
  3. your favorite color
  4. favorite animal
  5. do you like to fight
  6. are you brave or smart be honest
  7. what would you want to be in midieval asia
  8. will you comment
  9. will you rate
  10. did you like it [those last three questions were to get me to 12 i hate those questions].

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Quiz topic: What is my kung-fu/martial arts weapon