The Kung Fu Panda Test

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How much do you know about this PG Dreamworks movie marvel? With cuddly animals and kung fu awesomeness, how hard could this test be? Are you a fan? Take this quiz to see if you first have the common knowledge to be a true Kung Fu Panda fan.

If you claim to be a Kung Fu Panda fan, you must take this test! Equipped with simple, yet required will see if you have a good starting point to be a real Dragon Warrior quiz taker!

Created by: Tristin Cato

  1. We will start out simple. Who is the main character in the movie?
  2. Who is the sub-character? As in...who is the supporting character in the movie? The second most important?
  3. What animal is Master Shifu?
  4. When Po is picked to be the Dragon Warrior, what was the hall in the palace he was thrown in called?
  5. Tai Lung is who, to Master Shifu?
  6. What prison was created for Tai Lung?
  7. How many Kung Fu scrolls are there?
  8. Who created Kung Fu?
  9. Who was in charge of Tai Lung's prison?
  10. How old was Oogway?
  11. Where was the birthplace of Kung Fu? Where Oogway created the martial art?
  12. What was the birthplace of Kung Fu called?
  13. Who is the "leader" of the Furious Five.
  14. What happened to Tai Lung in the end?
  15. What was in the Dragon Scroll?

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