Whats your fight style 2!!!

There are many martial arts in the world each of them with their stregths and weaknesses. Some focus on kicking some on punching and so on. Which one fits your fighting style?

This an improvement on my previous quiz. It includes more styles than before to provide more accurate results, it also notes the weakness of the style. This quizess questions are more about training because it reviles more about the fighter.

Created by: Jordan Cuspard

  1. What is your martial art for
  2. What is your main technique
  3. How is your conditioning
  4. Favorite fighter?
  5. Would you ever kick above the waist
  6. What is your teachers name
  7. What do you wear to spar
  8. Do you compeate
  9. if so what type
  10. Would you fight me?

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Quiz topic: Whats my fight style 2!!!