What Fighting Style Do You Have?

There are many fighters out there. They can be sorted in these categories. This is not a martial arts quiz. This is a fighting style quiz. So don't get confused with this quiz.

Which fighter are you? Are you a hammer a counter striker a dirty fighter or other? Or are you a wimp? The most deadly of them all. Just kidding. Enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Daniel the 3457th
  1. How strong are you?
  2. What do you say about your punches?
  3. How are your kicks?
  4. How fast are you?
  5. How smart are you in terms of battle?
  6. The most important weapon of battle.
  7. How would you describe your fighting style?
  8. Your strengths in battle.
  9. Do you attack first?
  10. Are you patient?
  11. Someone attacks you in a dark alley 1 on 1. You have no choice but to fight. What is your strategy.
  12. Offense or defense.
  13. Do you fight dirty?

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Quiz topic: What Fighting Style do I Have?