True Love ~Part 1~

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hey take my story quiz GIRLS i think you might like it i worked hard on it so i hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

comment and rate please if i get 10 people to comment and say they like it ill make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: serenity smith
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  1. (your name is Ashely) you woke up and you were in the in a room "what happened" you say sitting up trying to remember. ( i am going to start at the beginning next question )
  2. you were at the mall in your favorite store when you saw a group of really hot guys. but one kept getting your attention he had dark brown hair and brown eyes he kept staring at at your eyes witch made you want to melt then you started staring back and wont paying attention to where you were going and ran into a shelf and blacked out.
  3. you woke up in a room "where am i?" you say as you spot the door and get up and walk to it you tried to open it "locked" you you whisper. you here footsteps so you run back to your bed and pretend sleep the door opens and two boys come in "Matt is she awake" one said "no Alex" said who i think is Matt "now" said Alex "no" said Matt "now" "no" "now" "no" "now" "YEAH!!!!" you tease up thinking he caught you "REALLY?" "NO NOW SHUT UP!!!!" that made you giggle.
  4. "i think shes awake!!!!" said Alex "LIAN,DANIEL,DAKOTA,DANE! yelled Matt. you sat up to see your surrounded but the cute boys at the mall "why am i here?" you ask
  5. "um you hit your head on a shelf so we brought you here" Alex stuttered. "ya" the rest of them said but something about them made you think that their not telling you the whole truth.
  6. and then a ninja bust throw a window and CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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