True Heart and Magic ~Part 5~

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WELCOME TO PART 5!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU KNOW THE TITLE SOO. Ok. This one is deffintly longer and better. Just to let you know, that if you didn't take my first 4. then you might want to.

Thanks to xxblutixx, Alexandra_18o, Alex13writer, cats, singin234, wuzzi, _ViolaLover_, pieiscool1, i_love_mee and her cousin for reading my stories and commenting. Sorry it took forever to get out. LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: StarMaya
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  1. Please read the descripition...
  2. ok... on with the story. You got thrown into the pool by Sabrina's son named Zeke. You were shocked by lightning so it hurt pretty bad. Now your in the lab and someone is holding your hand whispering...
  3. "_______, don't leave me." Says Zack. You don't hear him because you can only hear yourself talk. *Guys* "Cody, Is there anything we can do?" Says Zack with tears in his eyes. "No." Says Cody getting up from his chair. "What do you mean no?" Says Jake. "It's up to _____." Says Cody. The guys look at you with hope in their eyes. Zack lets go of your hand and stands up. Your eyes are closed and your hair is wet from the water. You necklace is on still. You hands are by your sides, palms up. You head is tilted. Zack picks you up and carries you to your room. The guys get to your room and Zack lays you down and covers you with your blanket. Your head is tilted toward your window. Zack kisses your forehead and leaves the room. Justin comes by you and kisses your hand. His eyes are watery as he leaves the room. Cody comes by and kisses your head, he looks down and a tear falls on your blanket. He walks away, closing the door behind him. Jake walks slowly to you and kneels down. He says," Hang on ______." He kisses your cheek and sighs. He walks away and closes the door slowly. Now it's silent.
  4. Weeks and Weeks passed and you haven't woken up. Everyday the guys bring flowers and lay them by your bed. Now it's December and the guys are about to give up because you've been asleep for 5/6 weeks!
  5. You hear Justin come in and sigh. He puts a flower by your bed and kneel down. You can feel his breathe on your face. He kisses your cheek and backs away. You start to wake up and Justin stops. "________?" He says quietly. You open your eyes slowly and say,"Ya?" His eyes grow big and he smiles. "I can't move Justin!" You say a little worried. He picks you up and carries you downstairs. You dig your head into his chest and close your eyes. You hear him go downstairs and hear the guys watch TV.
  6. "Justin, What are you doing?" Shouts Zack. "Ya, She has to stay in her room." Says Jake. "Go put her back." Says Cody pointing toward the stairs. Justin gets to the bottom of the stairs. Justin looks down at you and you open your eyes. You look toward the guys and their eyes get big. They run toward you screaming your name. They give you a big hug. Justin holds you. "I can't move you guys. Only my head." You say. "What?" Says Cody. They seat you down on the couch and they sit around, in front of you and behind you. "I can't move." You say again. The guys look at each other.
  7. "What do you mean?" Says Jake. "I mean I can't feel my muscles." You say. "Oh, Well we have to take you to the lab." Says Cody. "NO, I think I know how to fix it." You say thinking. "What?" Says the guys. You look at the guys and smile. The guys get the worry look in their eyes.
  8. "What, No!" Says Cody With a worried look in their eyes. "What?" Says the guys except for Cody. "NO!!" Says Cody. "Cody, It's the only way!" You say with sadness in your eyes. "What?" Says Jake. "NOOOOO!!!!" Says Cody. "I'm not going to get hurt!" You Say. "What?" Says Zack. "No!" Says Cody standing up. "Cody!" You Say. "No _____. Youre not getting hurt again!" Shouts Cody. "WHAT!!!!!" Yells Justin. You and Cody look at the guys. "She wants to go to the..."
  9. Pool" Says Cody. The guys turn toward you and yell NOOOOOOO!!! You look at them with confused looks. "Why not?! I'm the Princess and I won't get hurt! I don't have the lightning in me anymore and I have my mom looking over me. Oh and what day is it?" You say. "It's December 9." You whisper to yourself,"Sh@%!" "What?" Says Zack. "Nothing." The guys look at you and glare at you. You looks at them and Say," Come on!" They all say in unision,NOOO! You sit their and glare at them.
  10. "Guys! I'm not hurt anymore! I have no poison in me! No lightning! Nothing! I'm fine! Let me heal myself though so I can move!" You shout with demand in your eyes. The Guys look at each other and still say no. "Guys!" You shout "______! It's too risky! You may get hurt again or get kidnapped by the pool or" Says Jake "You guys can go with me by the pool and watch. I'm not going to get kidnapped or shocked." You say After 2 hours of arguing Justin finally says,"Fine! We will let you go to the pool." You smile and the guys look sad. "Guys. Come with me." you say.
  11. They nod and Zack picks you up. You lay your head on his chest and you see the pool. You smile but the guys are frowning. "Guys, I'll be fine." You say. They look up at you and put on a fake smile. You look back at the pool and see you're there. The guys go sit in chairs but on the edge, to save you. You look at Zack and he looks worried. You smile at him and he nods. He kneels down to put on the water. He sets in the pool carefully. He lets go and you sit on the top of the water. "Now remember guys, I have to fall in, so don't freak out." you say. The guys nod but look down. You wait for about 45 seconds. Then you feel yourself fall in...
  12. You feel yourself in a bubble. You look around and see the water crawling up you. It reaches your neck and disappears. You see the dress come on and your crown. Your necklace glows and you start to rise. You are now on the surface and the guys are looking at you, waiting to see if you're hurt. The bubble opens and you are sitting there. "____?" Says Justin. "Ya?" you say. You stand up and the guys smile. You smile at the guys and then you hear clapping. You look at the guys, only to see them not clapping. You look to your left, toward the broken fence and see Zeke, A girl with the same red eyes and Sabrina coming toward you.
  13. You get off the bubble and onto the concrete turning into your regular clothes. The guys come around you and close too. "YaY for _____! She's healed!" Says Sabrina sarcastically. Zeke and the girl laugh. "_____, you remember Zeke and this is Mary, my daughter." Mary waves with a sinister smile. "What do you want Sabrina?" Says Jake. "Oh Jake, I thought you would know by now." She says looking toward you. You take a step back behind the guys. She looks toward Zeke and nods. Zeke smiles and looks at you. You then feel yourself being controlled. You feel yourself take a step back toward Sabrina. Cody grabs your arm and pulls you back. You feel the control again and hide behind the guys.
  14. Zeke looks pissed! Sabrina stops him and looks at Mary. She nods to her too. She looks at you and you look at her. Her eyes glow and you feel her INSIDE of you. She overshadowed you. You grab your head and Jake sees this and turns toward you. You get on your knees and grips your head. "_____, Are you ok?" You look at him and your eyes are turning from brown to red. You grip your chest and bend Mary out of you. She screams and she flies backward. You gasp and fall into Jake's arms. He helps you up and glares at Sabrina and them, only to see their gone. You guys look around but don't find them anywhere. You are still holding onto Jake. You notice this and let go, blushing. Jake blushes as well. The guys run you inside and set you down on the couch. They asked you what happened and you say everything that happened.
  15. "oh by the way. I have a question for you guys." you say. The guys straighten up and nod. "It's nothing serious so you can relax." you laugh. The guys relax and nod once again. "When's your guy's birthday?" They look at each other and smile. "Mine is 7/14." says Justin "Mine is 4/25." Says Zack "Mine is 8/16." Says Cody "And mine is 10/23." Says Jake. You nod and place it into your memory. You smile and say thanks. The guys look at each other and ask when yours is. You look at them with a scared look on your face. The guys get nervous. "um, You don't need to know." you say playing with your hands. "_______, What are you hiding." Says Cody, also reading your mind. He gets disappointed and shakes his head. "It's not important." you say standing up. The guys stand up also and look at you. You turn to walk into the kitchen but you walk to a table by the kitchen and grab a FAT black sharpie. You turn around and the guys are closer. "um, i'm going to the libary." (The house has a libary.) You start toward the stairs when you feel a hand grab your arm. You turn around and Justin has your arm. "We'll go with you." He says "No, I want to go by myself." You say, slipping out of the grip. You walk up to the libary and sigh. The guys look at each other and start to follow.
  16. You open the libary door and see A LOT of books. You seem to be used to it because you go straight for a family section. You grab a book with your name on it. You turn to the first page and pull out your marker. You draw a big fat line over a date. Your Birthday. You sigh and close the book. You have gone through 5 books when the boys came to the door. They peek in, but it didn't seem you noticed them. You just keeped drawing lines in books over and over again. You finally put 23 books back and sigh. The guys decide to come in. "What were you doing?" Says Cody. You jump and say," Oh, Reading." "With a marker?" Zack says, pointing toward the marker. "Ya. *Fake Yawn* Oh i'm tired. I'm going to bed. Night" You then run out of the libary only to hide behind the door. The guys look at each other and go toward the books. You enter back in and see a glass of water on a table. You bend the water to cover the books and freeze them. The guys jump and turn around. They see you and all you do is smile and run out of the room.
  17. The guys start running toward you but you beat them to your room. You slam the door and lock it. The guys reach your door and try opening it. "_____ Open this door. You're hiding something and we need to find out." "No you don't." you say. "You hear a click and the door opens." "What the hell?" you say, confused. "Ok, ______. What's going on?" "Nothing." you say, laying down. The guys get on your bed and ask you again. "Nothing is wrong guys. Trust me! If you like me, then you'll leave it alone." you say. The guys look at each other and walk out of the room, closing the door behind them. You sigh in relief and fall asleep. You wake up to hear your window opening. You look toward your window but see nothing. You get up to close it. You hear a noise behind you. The person grabs you by the arms. You gasp and kick them. They let go and you make a run for it. You run to...
  18. The pool. You pass the guys room and they seem to hear you because all their doors open. They look at each other in confusion and start walking toward your direction. You make it to the pool. You get near the pool and look around. You see the guys come out the back door. "_______, What's going on?" Says Justin. The guys look tired. You look around and feel the hands around your arm again. The guys look wide awake now and the come toward you. You feel yourself disappear and now your in a castle. "Hello _____. So glad to see you again." You turn around and see Sabrina and Mary standing by you. You look up and see Zeke smiling down at you...
  19. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DO YOU LOVE?
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  21. Tune in for 'True Heart and Magic ~Part 6~' coming soon... unless I don't get more than 5 comments. FYI

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