True Heart and Magic ~Part 12~

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  1. see... no one standing behind you. You look around. "______? Are you alright?" Lucas asks. You don't hear him until you feel him touch your cheek. You jump at the touch of his hand. "Are you ok?" He asks. You nod and look around. "Come on. Let's go." He says, wrapping his arm around your waist. You hold his hand and close your eyes. "I swore I heard the guys." You think. You open your eyes to see that your at the castle. You smile and walk in and go to the pool. You look at your reflection. You then see Jake coming behind you in the reflection. You gasp and look behind you to see no one. You hold your chest and look around. You close your eyes and walk inside. You enter the castle to hear music coming from a door down the hall. You follow it and hear it get louder. You get a flashback when Jake and you were in the attic and he was playing to calm you down. You realize that it's the exact same song. You reach the door and open it.
  2. You open the door and the music is still playing. You look around and go by the piano. You look at it and sit down. You touch the keys and feel your fingers being pushed down to play. You stay frozen as your fingers move by themselves. You stop and look to youe left to see Jake sitting next to you. He smiles at you and grabs your hand. "Is that really you?" You ask, squinting. "Ya." He says as he strokes your hair. You smile of joy and go to hug him when he vanishes. You look in shock and look at your hand to see a note. You open it and it reads. 'We are here but can't be seen by Lucas. on the ball we will show up. We have to go back to the manson to figure out a plan to get you out of there and away from Lucas. We'll be back tonight.' Sign all the guys. and by Justin's name you see a note.'I'm sorry' You smile and hold the note in your hand. You stand up and walk out of there. You go up to your room to see another note. 'I'm back ______! Be ready to die.' Signed May.
  3. You gasp and sit on your bed. You stare at the note in shock when Lexi comes into your room. "Hey! Wanna pick out our dres... Hey what's wrong?" You look at her and hide the notes. "Nothing." You say as you stand up. She looks at you. "Your not telling me?" She says. Kinda hurt. You sigh and grab the note by May and show it to her. She Stares in amazement at the note and gasps. "__...___.______! When did you get this?!" She yells. You jump at her reaction. "I just got it! You came in when I practically got it." You tell her. "And were you planning on telling anyone?" She asks, still holding the note. "Not really." You tell her. She stares at you in shock still. "Why not?! She's going to kill you!" She says, showing you the note. "I don't want to worry anyone! So please don't tell anyone! Please don't!" You say as you shake her shoulders. She looks at you and nods. "I won't tell anyone." She says. You smile at her and hug her. She hugs you back and sighs. "Just please be careful." "I will." You say as she walks toward the door, still gripping the note. "Oh! Lexi the note!" You shout to her but but she's already out the door. You sigh and go to your balcony. You look out and close your eyes. A breeze of wind comes through your hair. Your hair blows behind you and through it. You take a deep breath and sing (Colors of the wind). You keep your eyes closed as you sing. You feel a breeze swirling around you as you sing. Lucas comes in and hears you singing. He smiles and feels the wind going through your room. He comes to you and feels the circle of wind around you. He gets shocked and sees a sunlight shine on you. You smile and look up at the clouds. He looks where your looking and sees an angel smile at you. He smiles back at the angel. The wind gets stronger and pushes Lucas to you. He walks to you and grabs your hand. You get startled and look at him. The wind softens around you guys and the glow gets brighter. He looks in your eyes and smiles. You smile back but you see a vision of the guys looking at you. You blink and get confused.
  4. "What's wrong?" He says as he looks at your confused expression. You shake away the feeling and smile at him. "It's nothing, don't worry." You say as you look at his worried look. He looks at you with a confused look. He smiles lightly and hugs you. "I'm right here if you want to talk about it, ok?" He whispers. You smile and nod. He backs away and kisses your forehead. He exits the room and you look at the moon. You sigh and go back inside to get ready for the Ball.
  5. (You get dressed and you look like Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo when she's walking down the stairs.) You look at yourself in the mirror. You smile a little and fix your necklace. You have comfortable high heels so you can dance. You start to head for the door when you feel a shiver go up your spine. You ignore it and exit your room. You start to walk down the hallway when Lexi comes running to you. "Hey _____! WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING!" "Thanks! You look amazing too!" You say, smiling. (Lexi looks like Meg in Monte Carlo.) You keep talking when you bump into Whitney. "Oh hello girls1 You look enchanting." Says Whitney. You thank her and say the same thing to her. (She looks like Emma in Monte Carlo.) You smile at her and you decide to walk down together. You turn to the stairway to see over 50 people there. You start to walk down when you see Lucas and other people looking at you. You look at everyone and see a familiar face, but not a nice face.
  6. You look at the face to see if you can identify the person but the person disappears into the shadows. You blink when you realize your at the bottom of the stairs. You look at the crowd and see that a few people are looking at you when the rest are chatting and dancing. You look around and start to walk away when you feel someone grab your hand. You look at the person and see Lucas smiling at you. You look at his outfit and he looks like a real prince. He looks like your dream prince.(You imagine the outfit yourself. I can think of anything.) You smile back at him and turn to look at him. "Hello my princess. You look beautiful." Says Zeke as he kisses your hand. You blush and thank him as he takes you to a table. He sits you down and sits across from you. You look at the people dancing so elegantly and smile. You get lost in your thoughts that you don't even hear Zeke calling your name. "_____? ______?_____?" Says Zeke with a worried tone. "Wha? Oh sorry Zeke. Just lost in thoughts I guess." You say. He looks at you with concern as he grabs your hand. "Come on and tell me." He says as he strokes your hand. You grab his hand and smile at him. "It's nothing." You say. He was about to say something when people started clapping. You get startled and start clapping as well. You watch as people start to exit the dancefloor. You look at the dancefloor as the next song starts. You see Lucas stand up and hold his hand out to you. "May I have this dance?" He says with a smile on his face. You reach out to his hand but hesitate. "I can't." You say as you look down. You see Lucas kneel down by you and lift your chin up. Your eyes meet and he smiles. He wipes a tear away from your eyes. "Why not?" He says. "It's a long story." You say. "We have time." He says as he sits back down, still holding your hand. "Well... Ever since I was 3, I was a dancer. I did every single dance created. But when I was 9, I had my dance recital for Aerial Silks and I fell off the silks rope. I was rushed to the hospital and they had to fix my leg. But the doctor said I was lucky to even walk but I won't be able to dance ever again." You say as you watch the people dance. Lucas squeezes your hand and stands up. "You can stil try. And if it's too much, I'll take you back to the table and we can just talk." You look at him with worried eyes but nod your head. He helps you up and takes you to the floor just as the next song plays. (Bridge to nowhere piano solo). You gets in the ballroom stance and start to sway. You move like everyone else but stumble a few times. Lucas just smiles at you as he sees you trying. When the song ends, you are breathing deeply. He takes your hand and starts walking. You start to walk but feel a pain shot up your leg. You flinch at the pain but keep walking. "How was it?" Lucas asks as he seats you. "My leg hurts but it was nice to dance again." You say as you rub your leg. Lucas smiles lightly but then frowns. "Im sorry, I shouldn't have forced you to dance." He says as he looks at the dancers. "No. It's not your fault. I'm glad you asked because I got to dance again." You smile at him with pure joy. He smiles back and kisses your cheek. "I'm going to get some water. Want some?" Asks Lucas. "No i'm alright." You say.
  7. Lucas comes back with two waters. "Got you one anyway." He says with a laugh. "Thanks." You say, laughing along. *Announcer* Now for a fun one! Anyone can join! even if you hurt yourself! You look over at the announcer and look confused. "It's like he's talking directly at me." You whisper. Lucas stands up and starts to take you to the floor. "I think you will be able to do this. I believe in you." He says, smiling. You smile back as you get on the dancefloor. You look at Lucas as you get in position to dance a ballroom dance. You look around and see about 10 other couples on the dancefloor. You close your eyes and take a deep breath as you hear the music starts. You intensly recongized the song and felt yourself feel free. (The Kingdom dance from Tangled.) You smile at Lucas as he seems to know what to do. You feel yourself get twirled away from Lucas. You close your eyes as you feel your hand get grabbed by a familiar touch. You gasp as you open your eyes to see...
  8. Jake smiling at you as you both dance. You look shock as you dance with him. "You ok?" He asks laughing. You snap out of it and nod your head. "What are you guys doing here? How long have you guys been here?" You ask with a confused look on your face. "What? You don't remember my piano playing?" He says as he twirls you. You look at him with shocked eyes. "That was really you?" You say as he brings you back up, slowly. Your eyes meet and you feel at home again. He smiles and twirls you to a different person. You get dipped by a person that seems pretty strong. (Hint Hint)
  9. The guy lifts you up and you look into his eyes to see Zack looking back at you. He smiles and dances with you. You stare blankly at him. He laughs and says," You are so cute when you are confused." You rolls your eyes and smile at him. "What are you and Jake doing here?" You ask as he lifts you in the air. "We are here to take you back home with us." He says as he kisses your hand and twirls you to the next person. You blushed when he kissed your hand but you are also confused. You dance with the next person who seems to be a normal prince with a dashing smile. You dance in silence. He spins you and you hold hands with someone that seems familiar.
  10. You look up at the guy to see Cody smiling at you. You smile back and ask him the same question you asked all the guys. "What did Zack mean by that your taking me back? When?" You wait for a moment as you and Cody dance. His hair flows and his eyes sparkle. "We are taking you back tonight, after this ball. We will let you say goodbye to everyone before though." He says as he looks down at you. "We missed you ______." He says as he moves your hair away from your face. He smiles at you as he twirls you to the next guy. You hit the next guy and close your eyes. You open your eyes to see...
  11. Justin looking at you. He smiles at you with nervousiness. You smile back and hug him. "Im so sorry ______! I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry that I yelled. I'm sorry for everything. (How many of you are crying already?) You smile at him and say,"It's alright. I'm sorry for running away." He smiles at you as he twirls you but he holds onto your hands. He stops twirling you and puts one hand on your back. "Oh man! I'm dizzy." You say. He laughs and smiles. "Remember _______, We are always here for you. We are real." He says as he twirls you. You look at him as he gets farther and farther away. You feel someone grab you and kiss your cheek. You look at the person and see Lucas smiling at you. You smile back and he takes you back to your seat. You look to your left and see the guys walking off to a table. Lucas pushes in your seat and kisses you on the lips. You let him kiss you and as he backs away to go in his seat, you see Jake stand up and go to the punch bowl. He gets a cup of punch and looks at you. You blush as he looks at you. You start to turn away when you see him nod at you to come here. You nod your head and look at Lucas. "Um... I'm going to get some punch, ok?" You say as you stand up. "Do you need me to come with you?" Asks Lucas with a worried look. "No, I got it." You say as you stand up and smile at him. He smiles back and relaxes a little. You start to walk over to the punch bowl where Jake is when you feel a pain shoot up your leg. You flinch at the pain and Jake seems to notices this because he jumps toward you a little. You look back and it doesn't seem that Lucas notices. You take a deep breath and come toward Jake as if nothing happened. You finally reach the table and start to pour some punch for you. "Are you alright? Is your leg hurt?" Whispers Jake, but kinda fast. "It's fine." You say. You drink from your punch cup and turn to him. He looks at you with worried eyes. "What did you need?" You asks, trying to draw his attention away from your leg. "Oh yeah! Who's that guy your with?" He says, kinda jealous. "That's Lucas. The prince of the forest." You say calmly. Jake looks at Lucas. Lucas notices this and looks back, only to look full with jealousy! You draw Jake's attention back by snapping. "Hello? Earth to Jake." "What? Oh yeah. Sorry." He says. "It's alright. Look, Lucas can get really jealous so don't try to tip him off. Please." Jake looks at you then him and nods. "BUt, We have to meet him and tell him that your leaving... so he doesn't come chasing us or something." Says Jake. You laugh and nod at him. He excuse yourself and go back to where Lucas is.
  12. "Who was he?" Lucas asks, jealousy in his voice. You grab his hand and take him toward the guys. "You'll find out." You say as you walk beside him. You reach the guys and they stand up like princes. You stand in the middle and look at Lucas. "Lucas. This is Jake, Zack, Justin, and Cody." You look at the guys and say,"Guys. This is Lucas." You wait a moment and look between them but no one says anything,just stares at each other. You clear your throat and continue. You look back at Lucas and say,"Lucas? They are my protectors." Lucas's body tenses and he looks at you. You look at the guys and Cody nods at you. You look back at Lucas. You start to open your mouth when you hear Justin say,"Lucas. We are taking her home tonight." Lucas looks at Justin and then back at you. You nod at him and when you do, Lucas's expression turns sad and angry. You start to walk toward the guys when you hear Lucas say,"So they care more to you then me?" You turn back toward him, shocked at his question. "Lucas. You knew this would happen. Why are you so surprised? Don't you trust me?" You wait for an answer when Lucas says,"It's not you that I don't trust, It's these guys." Zack steps forward but he stops when he sees you step forward. You look at Lucas with disbelief and say angrily,"If you don't trust them, then you don't trust me. These guys are my family and they stand up for me, always." Your eyes glow blue and your hair starts to glow blue in them. (Just FYI: Your powers are still gone but your eyes and hair still glow blue when your mad. But if your sad, your eyes glow blue and your chest glows blue. Just to Clarify.) Jake notices this and puts a hand on your shoulder, trying to calm you down. It does and you go back to normal but you walk toward the dancefloor. The guys watch you walk off. As your walking, your eyes get watery and you lose vision for a second, only to crash into some boy. He apoligizes and you say sorry as you look up at his eyes. When you do this, you hear Jake yell,"NO _____! DON'T!" You then feel your whole body go numb like your being controlled. You look at the boy and recgonized the boy. It's Zeke.
  13. You stare in horror as you hear mumbled screams and terror around the room. You feel like your trapped in your body... just like when Rouge came to take your soul. You try screaming but you keep staring at Zeke, blankly. You see the castle guards run to Zeke with their swords drawn. Zeke turns to them and smile at them. You feel yourself start to fall but you don't flinch. You feel someone catch you and set you down slowly. You look at the person only to see a blurry vision of the guys looking at you. You hear them calling you quietly and shaking you. You feel yourself stand up and go next to Zeke. "Water bend ______. Water bend them out of the universe." You hear Zeke clearly. Your eyes turn blue and your hair shines blue. The guys back up a little but nothing happens. "What's wrong! Do it!" Zeke says. "I can't water bend at the moment." You say plainly. The guys get startled by the tone of your voice. You can feel Zeke get angry as he grabs you by the arm and throws you to the wall. You feel you gain your body back as Justin and Cody run to you to help you. "_____! Can you hear me?" Says Justin, with a scared look. You look at him and your eyes turn different colors. You feel a thumping in your head. You look at Justin and hold your head. "Guys... I can't control myself. Please leave now. I don't want to hurt you." You breathe out. Justin and Cody look happy at how you talked. "No way _____. We are not leaving." Says Cody. You go to smile at him but you feel yourself lose control of your body again. You look at Cody and swing at him. He blocks your swing and looks at your eyes. You look back at him until you feel yourself stand up. Justin backs away but Cody stays close to you. "_____. I need you to fight him. You can do it." Cody whispers to you. You look at him and blink when you feel a little control over your body. "Co-dy. He-lp." You manage to say when you see Zeke coming toward you. You lose control once again and start to go toward Zeke. You stand in front of him and turn toward the guys. The guys all come in a half circle around you and Zeke. "______. Fight them." You hear Zeke whisper. You feel yourself nod and glare at the guys.
  14. You run to the guys and swing at Lucas but he ducks and pushes you toward Justin. You round house kick him but he blocks your kick and throws you in the air where Zack catches you. You look at Zack with gold eyes when you flip out of his arms. You spin on the ground and trip him. You stand up and are about to punch him when he trips you and Jake catches you. You look up at him and his hands start to glow blue. It feels like a candle flame on your skin, getting hotter and hotter by the second. You scream and run out of his arms with burn marks on your forearms. You back into Cody who looks into your eyes. "______! Listen to me! I need you to fight him! You can do it _____! Come on!" Yells Cody. You stare at him. You raise your hand to hit him when you stop yourself in mid air. Cody looks at you in success. You struggle to stop yourself but you do it. "What's the hold up _____! DO IT!" Zeke yells from across the room. You keep looking at Cody with anger. "I-I can't. The-They are my family." You whisper. Cody smiles at you and nods. You can tell the other guys are smiling as well but you hear someone walking toward you with heavy, angry footsteps. You know it's Zeke so you keep looking at Cody. "What was that?" Zeke hisses at you. You take a deep breath and yell,"They are my family! Stop controlling me!" You turn around and swing your hand in a fist at his face with all the might you have in your body. You feel like your going to hit him when he blocks your hit. You gasp as fear covers your whole body. "You stupid girl!" He yells in your face. After he says that he picks you up and throws you to the ground. You see yourself falling as you hit the ground and you feel your head hit hard! You lay paralyized as you feel a warm liquid go in your hair and roll down your back. You hear shouts to you but you can't move. Your vision gets blurry and you pass out.
  15. *Guys* "Where'd he go?!" Yells Zack as he looks around him. The guys do the same and don't see Zeke anymore. They pause for a second until Cody starts running toward your lifeless body. You starts breathing hard as he tries shaking you awake. You checks for your pulse and sighs in relief. "She's still breathing." He says and the guys all let out a breath. Cody picks you up your back and head and tries calling your name until he feels something on his head. He looks at his hand and sees blood. "S@*&!" Cody shouts out as he looks at your head. "What is it?" Asks Lucas. (Making sure you didn't forget that he's there.) "Her head's bleeding." Cody says as he tries putting pressure on it. The guys came toward your head and sees the blood. Jake tells them to move out of the way. The guys move a little bit to the side so he can fit through. Jake comes toward your head and holds your head in his hands. A blue glow comes from his hands and the bleeding stops. "Go wash your hands Cody." Says Justin. Cody nods and sets you back down on the ground. He then runs off to the bathroom. The guys look at you and try to wake you up. Cody comes back. "Guys. She's probably not going to wake up because she hurt her head pretty bad." Cody explains. He takes a breath and continues. "She may even have memory loss." The guys look at him with worried looks and take a breath. Zack picks you up and turns to Lucas. "I think we should take her home." Lucas looks at you and nods slightly. The guys turn around and start to run out the front door while Zack takes flight. He doesn't want you to be seen hurt. He flies up high in the air and starts toward the forest. He sees the guys running underneath him. He keeps flying until...
  16. you touch his hand. He gets startled and looks down at you. He sees you open your eyes and close them fast. He sees the house and he stops by the pool. He runs in and yells at the guys, "Guys! She woke up for a second." The guys run to you and Zack as he sets you down on the couch. The guys come around you to see you lifeless. "Are you sure?" Says Justin, skeptical. Zack slaps him upside the head as you move your hand. The guys look at you in shock. "______? Wake up." Says Jake. The guys wait a moment unti you slightly open your eyes to show your golden eyes. Cody gasps and tells the guys to back away. The guys look at Cody in question but do what he told them. Cody comes toward you and looks into your eyes. He looks for a long time until you smile evily at him. He backs up a little and you start to sit up. You look at the guys. Cody comes toward the guys and tell them that they have to fight you.
  17. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Actually... For being so late on this one, I'm going to continue it until I think a cliffhanger should go so enjoy a few more questions. ;)
  20. The guys look at you and get a sad look on their face but then it turns into an angry expression. "Zeke will pay for turning you into this!" Yells Zack as he runs toward you to trip you but you jump up and kick him in the chest. You jump at Cody and throw him at the wall and do the same to Justin. You turn to Jake and go to punch him until he blocks your punch. You yell in pain at the touch of his hand and pull away fast. He looks at you and smiles. "Oh! You don't want to be healed." He goes to touch your arm but you block him but you touch him. You scream in pain and it wakes up all the guys.(Zack was out ok.) Jake starts walking toward you and you start to back away toward the pool. He smiles and the guys follow him. Jake touches your arm and you scream out in pain. You reach the pool and you stop. You look at Jake and growl at him. ""This is for your own good ______." Jake says as he puts his hand on your chest. You scream out in pain and slip into the water. The guys watch you fall in and hit the water. A glow comes from the water and your body and disappears. The guys stare at the water but then Cody jumps in. He goes down into the water as he remembers you couldn't waterbend. He picks you up and swims back to the surface. The guys help Cody up as he lays you down on the concrete. Jake puts his hands on your chest and you start breathing. You open your eyes and the gold fades into ______.(Mine is Brown.) The guys smile at you and sigh in relief. "Guys? What the hell just happened? Ow! My head hurts." You say. The guys explain the story and your head starts to hurt even more. Zack picks you up and you all walk back inside your home. Your real home.
  21. NOw it's cliffhanger.
  22. Stay tuned for Part 13! (Not going to take longer. I promise!)

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