True Heart and Magic ~Part 10~

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Welcome to the next part! Don't have much to say except i'm tired...


Created by: StarMaya

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  1. Jake looks around for May but doesn't see anything. He looks at you and sees that you're out and there's a burn mark on your chest. He tries to heal it but it doesn't work. He picks you up and rushes you inside and to the lab. He looks at you, lifeless. He freaks out and calls for Cody. Cody rushes down and sees you. "What happened?" Asks Cody. "Well, I woke up to see her frightened by the door of her room so she pointed to her throat and wrote down that someone stole her voice and we hear her talking outside the pool and say a girl standing there and she had _____'s voice and she shot something at me but ______ ran in front of me and blocked it from me and it hit her and and..." Jake said looking at you and the burned mark on your chest. Cody looked at the burn mark and say that it didn't hit her chest. Jake looks at him in shock.
  2. "What do you mean?" Says Jake looking shocked. "It just hit her shirt." Says Cody, looking at the shirt. They look at you with confusion. *You* You breathe deeply as you feel something in your head. (The Silver glow is a joke but deadly thing. If it hits you, it leaves ni mark but hurts you.) *Guys* Now all the guys are awake and at the lab where Cody is on the computer, doing research on the glow that hit you. "What does it say?" Says Justin, coming by Cody. "Nothing yet." Says Cody, looking frustrated. Justin walks away and looks at you. He sighs and walks out. Zack is out by the pool looking for any sign of May. "Hey. How you holding up?" Says Justin, coming outside with Zack. "How do you think i'm doing? ______ is hurt and we have no idea how." Zack says as he paces back and forth. "It's eating all of us. She just needs us the most right now." He says as he walks inside. Zack looks at Justin and follows him. They go into the lab to see the same scene, You laying on the bed, while Jake looks at you and Cody is on the computer. Justin goes to Cody and Zack goes to Jake.
  3. You start to see all your memories with the guys in your eyes. You don't know if your eyes are open or not but you see them going backward and fading. You see the time with the fire in the forest, then you see Sabrina stab you, then you see the angel smile at you, then you and Zack fighting, then training with Jake, then waking up multiple times, then you see the blinding light that you say that night the guys grabbed you from the demon. You see the guys smiling at you fade into space and then you see May fading away with your voice, then Maya fading away, then you see Troy, then you see Mary and Zeke, then you see Sabrina and the demons. You see your bed and yourself laying down into sleep and your dream you were having. "Wake up _____." Wake up." You look around and see all those memories fade into darkness. "GUYS!!!!" You reach out to them but you see Sabrina come in front of you and grab your wrist. You look scared and she says,"You shall forgive and forget all those pesky memories. Now you are a normal girl with a normal family and you were kidnapped by these guys who are evil. Escape." You look at her and a silver glow comes over your eyes. You nod and everything disappears.
  4. You open your eyes and see 4 guys looking at you. You get scared. "______?" Says the guy with brown hair.(Justin) You look around and see your in a lab with big monitors and medical stuff. You look at the door and jump out of the bed. The guys seem starlted and chase after you. You reach the hall and see that your in a mansion. "Whoa." You say as you stop. You look back and see the guys running after you. "Who are you!" You shout as you start running. You finally reach a living room and you see a front door. You run to it but you see a pool and it seems to be caling you. You freeze and look at it. You snap out of it as soon as you feel yourself being picked up. You squirm and the guys look worried. You see one put a needle in you that makes you fall asleep.
  5. You wake up in a room that is your taste. You sit up and realize that you were kidnapped. You jump out of bed when you feel someone grab you. "______ Stop please!" You look at the guy and see a guy with blonde hair (Cody). "How do you know my name? Where am I? Why am I here?" You say as you run to a wall. You hit the wall and stare at the guy. "______, Please. I know you remember me somewhere in your heart." He says. You look around and see no escape. He reaches out his hand and you grab it. He guides you out the door and to the pool. You look around and see a burned forest. "Oh my God! What happened there?" You say as you point to the forest. He sighs and says nothing. You look at him then the pool. You go to the pool and touch it. It's so calm. You stare at it and feel a little connection to it. You look at the guy. "Who are you?" You ask "My name is Cody and we are here to help you." He says. He reaches for your hand again. You start to reach for it when you see the sun rise. You gasp and look at Cody. You see an image of you and Cody looking at the sun rise. You see him smiling at you. You snap out of it and look at Cody. "Cody?" You look at him and feel a headache come hit you like a ton of bricks.
  6. You hold your head and Cody comes to you because you were in so much pain. "Come on _____! You can do it! Remember!" He whispers. You look at him and look around. You see lightning hit a girl, a girl being thrown, a girl coming out of the water in a beautiful dress, a forest fire with a guy carrying a girl. You shake your head and see them disappear. You look at Cody and whisper im sorry. You run inside and look around. You hear someone coming down the stairs. You see a guy with brown hair.(Justin) He stops and looks at you. Cody comes running in. "Justin, hold _____'s hand." He nods and grabs your hand. You look around and see an angel and a boy standing over 4 guys and a girl who looks sick, a girl who's floating in the air and an angel grabs her hand and hugs her, a girl with 4 guys watching TV, a girl sinking into the ground and disappearing, a girl grab a guy's shouder and she has wings. You shake your head and look at the two boys. You look scared and start to back away when you feel someone bump into you. You turn around to see a guy with dirty blond hair. (Zack) He grabs your hands and takes you into the kitchen. You see a flash and see so many things. You see a girl get stabbed in the stomach, a girl fighting with a girl, a girl grip her side while a guy approaches her, guys eating breakfast, guys putting together pieces of carvings, an angel fighting another angel. You look back and see 3 guys looking at you. You look around and start to recgonize the kitchen stuff. The guys take you upstairs and you keep seeing flashes of memories coming into your mind. You past the libary and see you crossing out things in books, You see yourself being helped back up by a guy, you training with a guy. You feel snap out of it and feel another guy grab your hand. You look at him and get a blast of memories coming at you.
  7. You look around and see every single memory come back to you. You look around and are about to say something when you see a silver glow coming into your eyes. You fall into the Jake's arms and stare at the glow. You close your eyes and hold your head. "NOO!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" You see a girl come in front of you with a clock in her hand and a cape covering her face. She has deep blue eyes. "Who are you?" You say looking at her. "I am Sarah. The Time Queen. I was stolen from my kingdom from a evil queen. I meant no harm but to just get back to my palace." You approach her and the silver glow gets bigger. *Guys* They carry you to the pool and set you down by the pool. You are definetly struggling because you chest glowing silver. "Please! I dont want to forget my friends or my life. I can set you free from that queen." You say. Sarah smiles and nods. "And I will help you kill that evil queen." You both laugh and she waves her clock in the air and you see all your memories come back. You smile as you see the memories come. She smiles at you and touches your forehead. You see a memory of her come into your head. "If you need my help, Think of me and i'll be back." You nod and she disappears.
  8. You jerk up and fall into some water. "AHHH!" You scream. You see someone come into the water and grab you. Once you surface, you cough. He sets you down and looks nervous. "______?" You rub your eyes and smile as you see Jake and the guys looking at you. "Thanks for saving me from drowning Jake." You say as you laugh. He smiles along with the guys. He helps you up and hugs you. You smile as the guys come around you. "Hey! you even got your voice back!" Says Jake. You smile and say, I guess. You guys laugh and start to walk inside. The guys start quizzing you on your memory. "What's your powers?" Says Cody. "Water and singing" You say "When's your birthday?" Asks Justin "December 11." You answer "Who is your arch nemisis?" Asks Jake "Sabrina and her minions. Including Maya, Zeke, Mary, May." You say. "What happens when you go into water?" Asks Zack You smile and say,"Uh... um... hmm..." The guys get wooried and stop. You laugh. "Guys! Im just messing with you. I fall through and turn into the water princess. Now enough with the questions. Im fine now!" You sit on the couch. The guys smile and sit by you, turning on MTV. You guys watch for a while before something turns up on the TV. *TV* 4 months in and no sign of this girl. *Shows photo of you* If you have any information on this girl and where she may be, please call the police station. You look at the guys and shrug. The guys laugh. You watch more TV when you hear a knocking at the door. "OPEN UP THIS IS THE POLICE!" You look at the guys and feel a tug on your arm as Jake runs you upstairs. The rest of the guys open the door. The officers ask to check the house for _____ ______. The guys let them in. The cops start looking. You and Jake run frantically into an attic when he pulls you down. He pulls out this veil and puts a drop on your head. You don't know what he did but it seemed to work. "Ok, don't move or make a sound." You nod and he smiled and went to the piano. He started playing and you were shocked on how well he played. (He played the song 'River flows in you' by Twilight.) You sat down and hear footsteps coming up the attic. He looked at you and you froze. He kept playing to keep you relax. The police come up and ask Jake if they can look around. He nods and the police come in. They search around and they come toward you.
  9. You hold your breath as the cop shines his flashlight in your face. You look Jake who is still playing. The cop walks away and starts to search more. You look at Jake and he smiles. The cops leave and thank Jake and compliment his playing. As soon as they leave, you go over to Jake and listen to his playing. You lay your head on his shoulder and he kisses your forehead. You blush as you watch the keys play. You hear the front door close and Jake takes your hand. You smile and hug him. He lifts your chin and kisses you softly. You kiss him back and he stops. You look in his eyes and smile. He takes you downstairs and you realize your still invisible because as you walk into the kitchen, the guys freak out. They all start shouting. You get scared and Jake just walks over the the faucet. The guys get quiet and watch Jake. "Jake, What are you doing?" Says Justin. Jake smiles at them and aims the water at you. He squirts it at you and you appear. You glare at him and bend the water off of you. The guys start laughing. You splash the guys and laugh. They all glare at you and you bend it off of them. You all sit down for dinner and start talking. You talk for a while before you hear a crash in the living room. You freeze and look that way. You hear a familiar voice and gasp when she comes in the kitchen.
  11. LOVE YOU ALL!!! Stay tuned!

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