True Greysonator Or Not, Are You?

there are many smart people, but few true geniuses. until it comes to greyson. who knows him enough to pass this test? well i guess well find out soon!

are you a greysonator? well you can find out once you take my test! i know everything there is to know about greyson chane, trust me, you're learning from the best!

Created by: emily

  1. when was greyson born???
  2. where was greyson born and where was greyson raised?
  3. Which of the 4 songs was on any of his albums?
  4. how did he become famous?
  5. in edmond,OK, he has a snow cone named after him. what flavor is it?
  6. who's record label was he signed to? what was the record label called?
  7. how many siblings does he have? what are their names and are they older or younger than greyson?
  8. what are his parents' names?
  9. how many pets does he have and what are they? what are their names?
  10. who did he tour with through 2010 and 2011?
  11. what are his 3 main nicknnames?
  12. what movie series is he obsessed with?
  13. whats his jersey soccer number?
  14. whats his fav food?
  15. what is the first show he was on?
  16. how many songs did he write without ANY help from ANYONE on his album, 'hold on til the night?'
  17. what are his 3 favorite songs on 'hold on til the night?'
  18. what are his 3 favorite songs on 'hold on til the night?'
  19. what is the bonus track on 'hold on til the night?'
  20. what instrument(s) does he play?
  21. who taught him how to play this instrument?
  22. who is greyson's biggest inspiration?
  23. did you like this quiz?
  24. who is your inspiration (keeping in mind about who i am quizzing you on)?

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Quiz topic: True Greysonator Or Not, am I?