Trade IQ Assessment

If you engage in international trade, you are exposed to the risk of non‐compliance with international trade regulations. In the United States, companies often don’t understand the risk until they receive a penalty notice from the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection (U.S. Customs.)

hen U.S. Customs assesses financial penalties, these dollar amounts are known as “liquidated damages.” The scale of liquidated damages can be large. Here are two examples: • The penalty for import entry errors caused by negligence is $10,000 per entry or 40% of the shipment value. • Failure to comply with the new Importer Security Filing results in penalties of $5,000 per shipment.

Created by: Mandy VanHaitsma of Supply Chain Solutions Inc
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  1. We Ship To Santa
  2. We Ship To The Easter Bunny
  3. We Ship To Abu Dabi
  4. We Ship To Canada
  5. We Ship to Dubai
  6. We ship bombs
  7. We Scratch Our Butts
  8. We blow bubbles
  9. We are C-TPAT compliant
  10. We Have Alot of Questions

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