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  • Wow, so I was unaware about my likely Tourettes just like my likely ADHD. Im not scared tho, this quizz was awesome. Ive had multiple tics I was unaware that were tics until I discovered Tourettes. 86% Likely so its pretty much Extremely Possible. Thanks this helped me figure things out.

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  • Hi my name is Alison. I have been troubled by these motor tics for at least 2 years now. And also I blurt out certain words or I always keep sniffing. Throat clearing. Coughing. And more. I thought I was mad. It had me puzzled. I also have ocd and I have horrid intrusive thoughts which go on and on and really make me anxious as what I'm hearing isn't me at all. I hate swearing yet I get it in my head when I'm anxious or stressed in particular. This quiz is something I can actually take to my doctor or psychiatrist and talk about it being a possibility. My brothers have vocal and motor tics also. Undiagnosed. Thankyou so much x


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