Tourette's Syndrome Test

Do you have Tourette's Syndrome? Take this test to find out once and for all.

Created by: Kevin Northwest
  1. Do you ever feel the urge to do a certain movement or vocal sound?
  2. Have you ever have a time where you keep on ticing non-stop for a long amount of time?
  3. Do you ever blurt out words uncontrollably, including bad or offensive words?
  4. Do you ever say irrational things to yourself repeatedly?
  5. Has your tics ever got on people's nerve, or ask why you make certain movements?
  6. Do you have any motor tics? (Ex. eye movements, tapping, head-jerking/cocking)
  7. Do you have a hard time sleeping at night, due to ticing?
  8. Do you have any vocal tics? (ex. barking, yelling out, squeaking)
  9. Has any of these tics lasted at least a year?
  10. Have you ever been diagnosed with Tourette's?
  11. Has any of your family members been diagnosed with Tourette's?
  12. Do you know what causes these tics?
  13. Do you think you have Tourette's Syndrome?

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