Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 7)

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Well this is my 7th part of my story. My 6th part didn't go on the new quiz's list so you might want to read that one first if you didn't already.

Well this is my 7th part of my story. My 6th part didn't go on the new quiz's list so you might want to read that one first if you didn't already. Hope you enjoy!

Created by: Nialler34

  1. Sorry my last quiz wasn't on he new quiz's list which was part 6 so you might want to read that one before you read this one. So you were at when you found a note in your locker.
  2. You picked up the note and quickly shoved it in your pocket because you were almost late to your next class, P.E. When you got into the girls locker room, the teacher was looking at you "Why are you late to your 4th hour?" she asked you. "Umm I don't know" you said with a guilty tone. "Well you better not be late again" she said and walked away. When you got into the Gym the guys were already out there messing around. Just then the teacher came "Hey, who said you could mess around, get into push up position, everyone!" after he said that everybody was complaining saying how there arms hurt. After a long 5 minuted the teacher finally said "Everybody up!" Everybody including you stumbled up. "Today" the teacher began "You will be climbing the rope" he pointed to his right. You could see a rope dangling from the ceiling. "Now, get in line and start climbing it!" he yelled. The first person who tried climbing barely got up a foot and couldn't climb anymore, when she got down lots of people were laughing. You waited for seemed like forever but then it was Dante's turn. Somebody yelled "Don't Fall Dante!" He climbed all the way up and quickly got down. Some were clapping. Your turn. All eyes were on you. You jumped onto the rope, you were quickly climbing to the top when finally you did make it to the top. You looked down people were staring. You were about to slide down when you let go of the rope. You don't know what happened but your hands let go. The ceiling was really high like the size a school gym would be and thats pretty high. You tried grabbing onto the rope but no luck you just kept falling. When you hit the ground. You fell on your leg it felt like, like it had fallen off. You heard many people gasp. The other students made a circle around you. You felt like you could pass out from all the pain. The last thing you saw was Dante emerging from the large crowd.
  3. ***DANTE'S P.O.V*** It was hard not talking to _____ but I had to deal with it. When she started climbing the rope she seemed just fine. When she reached the top I got excited for her. Then I saw her let go of the rope and slowly fall. When she hit the ground I heard a crack come from her leg. Everybody rushed to her side so see if she was okay. I needed to see her, I pushed my way to the front of the crowd. When I got there her eyes were closed like she had blacked out. "Call paramedics!" One girl yelled. Then the teachers emerged from there office and saw ______ lying there. Quickly they called paramedics. It seemed like forever till they came. When they did get here, they carried her off into an ambulance. It was the worst sight I had ever seen. If only I could do something to help her.
  4. ***ADAM'S P.O.V*** I was sitting in my 4th period listening to music on my iPod working on math when I heard an ambulance. At first I thought it was nothing because where I lived I was use to it. Then my teacher Mr. Marquez got up and said he had to go to the gym and I was in charge of keeping the class from becoming a zoo. I looked outside the window where there was a view of the gym. I could see an ambulance. A girl raised her hand "Mr. Adam can I look out the window to see whats happening" I just nodded my head because I too wanted to see what was going on. After me and the girl walked towards the window soon the whole class did too. I had remembered that Dante and _____ are in the gym during 4th hour. Then some guy ran out of the ambulance and into the gym. He came out moments later with a girl on a stretcher. I tried to look closer to see who it was but I couldn't see. A second later everybody's phone made ringing noises, texts. I got a text to, from Dante. "Did you see the ambulance" he texted "Yeah, who was it who got hurt" I replied eagerly. "It was ______ she fell of the rope and broke her leg" I stared at that text for a long time.
  5. ***NATHAN'S P.O.V*** I'm dying of boredom of reading for my 4th hour. Then my teacher Mrs. Sherman got an e-mail on her computer and said she would be right back. I was busy reading a novel named "Freak the Mighty" it was a superb book I loved it. Just then the guy I accidentally tackled Ethan yelled "OH MY GOSH!" while staring out the window. I ran up to the window he was staring at. An ambulance with a guy running into the gym was out there. "______ has Gym this hour" he said in a quiet tone. The guy ran out with a person on one of those things you carry people with. I wonder who it was "I wonder who it is" then I felt a vibrate from my phone in my jacket pocket. Dante. "Did you see the ambulance?" it was an obvious question. "Yeah who got hurt?" I replied back. "______, she fell off a rope and probably broke her leg" I stared at it and was wondering if she saw my note before she fell.
  6. ***NATHAN'S P.O.V*** I still don't know if she read my note or not by now she probably lost it. Well Dante, Adam and I met at my house after school. So the second the bell for school ending rang we were on our way. "What should we do?" Adam asked "Do for what?" Dante said. "______, obviously she's in some serious pain right now" Adam said. "Lets by her some flowers" I said. They both looked at me like I was crazy. "Flowers, whats wrong with them?" I said. "Nothing I guess we can get her flowers" Dante said. "Sure" Adam said adding on to our discussion. So we bought flowers her some chrysanthemums we knew she liked them. We only bought one bouquet though. "I'll give them to her" Adam said right after we bought them. "Why should you give them to her, buying her flowers was my idea" I said. "Fine, she probably doesn't want to talk to me anyway" Adam said. We walked to the hospital "I can't wait till we get a car" Dante said as we were walking into the hospital doors. "Nathan ask that lady at the desk where ______'s room is" Adam asked me. "Why me?" I said "Fine I'll do it" then he walked over to the lady and nodded a couple of times and then finished talking to her. "She's on the 6th floor room 32B" Adam said very confidently. "lets go then" Dante said. We took the stairs since they didn't have an elevator on about the second floor we saw _______'s dad.
  7. Her dad saw us. "So whom are you here to see" her dad asked us. "Umm your daughter sir" Dante said quickly. "My daughter?" he said. "Yeah your daughter, we know her from school and thought we should visit her" Adam said explaining that to him. He gave us that dad death stare. You know when a dad hates her daughters boyfriend even though none of us have actually dated her. "Well nice meeting you boys" he said sophisticatedly and walked off. Then it took us about another 5 minutes to walk up the rest of the stairs. When we walked into the room she was talking to some guy. He had dark black hair, tan skin with bright hazel eyes. It sounds weird that I'm describing a dude. They hugged and then _______ said "I love you bye" while they were hugging "Love you to" he said and walked out. When he did he gave us a weird stare.
  8. ***YOUR P.O.V*** You woke up in a hospital bed. A doctor walked in. "Oh so your awake now" he said a very deep voice. "Umm yeah what happened?" you asked "Well after you feel from the rope the paramedics took you here so we examined your leg and you broke it" he said. "Oh so I need crutches now?" you asked. "Yes, pretty much you also won't be able to participate in your Physical Education class anymore either" he said. Then your parents walked in with your cousin Kendal. "Oh honey" you mom said while giving you a hug. "Mom its okay and your suffocating me" you said. She let go. "Well _____ are you okay" you father asked you. "Yeah" you said. "Well me and your mother need to go to an important meeting now nice to know your awake, umm and Kendal is here to keep you company for a while. Your parents left the room and shut the door. "Well its nice to know they came to visit me for a second" you said disappointingly to Kendal. "Nice to see you again to" Kendal said. Kendal was only a year older than you he was your cousin. "Oh, sorry I haven't seen you in a long time" you said to him. "It has been a while hasn't it" he said scratching the back of his head. While you were sitting up in your bed talking to him for about a minute he said "Well nice to see you again, I have to go now" he said getting up. "I don't get a hug?" you said. "Oh" he said. "I love you bye" I said while Kendal was hugging me "Love you to" he said and walked out.
  9. Like a second after I heard the door shut I saw Nathan, Dante and Adam walked in. Nathan was caring a bouquet of Chrysanthemums. "Hello" you said in a cheery tone. "Hi" the guys mumbled in an awkward way. "Well, nice to see you too" you said "Oh umm here are your flowers" Nathan said and handed them to me. "Oh Chrysanthemums thanks guys" then you hugged Nathan. "Do I get a hug?" Adam asked. "Why of course" then he came over and you hugged him. "So just like that we are friends again!" Dante said barely yelling. "Sorry anger overcame me again, can I have a hug" Dante asked with his puppy dog eyes. You gave him a hug. "Who was that dude" Nathan said with a jealous attitude. "My cousin, Kendal" you said cheery. "Ohhhhh" all the guys said at the same time. "I can't live without you guys that week was awkward" you said. "Yeah it kinda was" the guys said. "Guess what?" you asked. "What?" the guys said at the different times. "What" they all wondered. "In my locker there was a note but I didn't read it yet, weird right?" you said. Then Adam and Dante had confused looks but Nathan kinda had a suspicious look. "Nathan?" you said "Umm what?" he said suspiciously. "Was that note from you?" you asked him. "No" he said. You just gave him a weird look. Then you pulled a piece of paper out of your pocket. "Well I haven't looked at it yet, I wanted to tell you guys about it I guess now I'll see who its from" you looked at Nathan he looked like he was stressed. "Okay it was from me!" he barely yelled.
  10. Adam, Dante and you looked at Nathan. "I'll tell you what it said if Dante and Adam wait outside and I'll tell them later" he said. You looked at Adam and Dante it looked like they didn't want to go but they almost had no choice. The walked out the door. Now it was just you and Nathan in the room. "What did it say" you said looking at him. "Read the note" he said gesturing towards the paper. "Oh that isn't the note thats just a piece of paper" you said showing it to him. "You tricked me" he said. "Yeah now tell me what it said" you said being impatient. "Ok it said and I quote" he started saying " _______ do you want to go out with me?" his face turned bright red and your pretty sure yours did too. "Nathan, I'm sorry but-" he cut you off. "Wait this might change your mind" then leaned in to kiss you.
  11. ***ADAM'S P.O.V*** When me and Dante walked out we saw _____ parents walking back this way. "Her parents are coming back" Dante said hitting me on the shoulder. "What are we gonna do?" I said meanly to him. "You know her father hates her around guys and she's alone in there with Nathan" Dante said. "Its his fault, here he comes" then he came up to us. "Hey Mr. [______] watcha doing back" Dante said. "I forgot something" he said "Oh what did you forget?" Dante asked. "Something, wheres the tall boy that was with you?" he asked getting suspicious. "Oh sir it was only us two here" Dante said. "Security!" her father yelled. Then a bunch of male nurses came and pulled us out of the way and we way. Her parents walked in and we followed. Nathan and ______ were kissing. "Young man!" her father yelled. Then Nathan turned around and his expression went blank.
  12. Who do you like?

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