Time Less Love Part 13

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Ok I haven't been feeling like myself and I was going through some crap also, so I'm sorry it took so long here it is. Also I had to figure out a different way to rate my quizzes because many wanted it in a different style so I tried and comment on it see if you like it this way then. I'll do my best to make more but also I considered just not continuing but I might keep it up since you stayed even after not continuing them for so long. So I'll have to think about continuing or not, so enjoy the quiz. And thanks for still wanting them.

Also did I tell you guys Noah's and Greg's powers, comment yes or no and what they are and if I haven't it's going to be fun fun fun. Ok for the record I kept putting off making the quiz and kept getting side tracked to the point I almost didn't make another quiz but I noticed so many of you wanted one so I decided to make another. It's been so long I forgot who was all in the quiz for a second but have no fear I'm back, *smiles.*

Created by: BlackandWhite
  1. Ok since so many wanted a different way to get results (Because they weren't getting what they wanted) make a comment on the quiz and I'll check them out. (Doesn't matter points wise)
  2. You remember the forest, the battle, the dragon, and of the elf girl. As you dream it's of the guys and you wonder of them as you sleep. As you are you are lost in your sleepy thoughts you feel warmth of you face and your body do a steady sway.
  3. Your eyes flutter open and you see the forest move slowly along. You blink with a slight and quickly panic only to remember the day before. You lift your head only to see Kasidel's back and her long hair swaying delicatly with movement. You put your palms under you and lift yourself up. You notice the light blue scales under your hands and can't help yourself from thinking how pretty it is.
  4. As you lift yourself to sit upright you wince at the stiffness of your body. Kasidel looks over her shoulder at you with a blank stare.
  5. "Are you feeling alright," she asks blandly. You look to her and see a faint bit of concern in her eyes as her brows frown slightly together.
  6. She nods and turns back forward. You look around and see that the forest looks familiar all around but you heart says you've haven't seen it before. You sigh at the thought at not knowing where you are and by knowing the forest looks the same all around you could never make it back on your own.
  7. After a bit of silence you decide to ask Kasidel. "Where are we?" Kasidel again turns to you with the blank stare and notice that Hinder turns his head slightly in your direction, you knowing he didn't like the question you have asked. He then turns back to looking ahead of himself after making blank but threatening eye contact with you.
  8. Kasidel looks you in the eye before saying, "We are taking you to my village in the forest." You look to her curiously and a bit surprised. "I still insisted we simply drop you miles back and forget of you," Hinder said solemnly in his deep slightly booming voice, "but it's too late now as we are near our destination. Thank that elf there and her kind heart, else I wouldn't have had such a heavy extra load on my back." Hinder says looking back at you again.
  9. Despite your feelings you still fume and flare quietly to yourself at his comment. After a minute or 2 Hinder suddenly makes a slow stop;with curiosity you lean to one side ignoring the now slight stiffness in your body to look at why Hinder stopped. You look at the line of trees in front of you and are able to see the tiniest of view of what looked like wooden houses and moving humanoids with patches of color.
  10. "Human," Hinder says making you snap out of your thoughts, "the elf insisted we bring you here because she was worried for your health." You look up quizzically at Hinder and remember the inhuman backslap Moral did to your face during the battle. You see a puddle on the ground next to you and lean from Hinder's back and look into it; your cheek is a dark purple and slightly swollen (it kind went down as you slept) and the blood all around your mouth and on your clothes.
  11. Hinder held the gaze for a few more seconds till you felt a shiver down your back and you nod in understanding to his wishes and expectations. He then turns his head to a side glance for a mere moment before he turns to look ahead again, all the while with Kasidel gazing back at you. "Well then," Hinder states, "Let use proceed." And with that Hinder walks through the last line of tress and you gaze at the sight you see before you.
  12. Done! Did you like it? Rate and comment =) I know the guys weren't in this one but your answers still count toward them, and I think I'm going to change up my result style to try and get people the results they want (I got a lot of complaints so comment on the result outcomes and see if I did it better this time).
  13. Ok now pick which one you want most right now.

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