Love Satisfies the Hunger Part 4

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You've waited long enough. Here it is! Part four has arrived!!!

Who will you choose> Your deadline has come, your mother has returned. Four proposals, two end in death, two end in savage hunger. The moon is full, the time has come.

Created by: jeanette

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  1. Where we left of . . . "Karly? I have to ask you something." Daniel says. "What is it?" You ask. Daniel hesitates for a moment, then he says. "Do you want to. . .be with me, forever? If you do . . .you'd have to be dead." Daniel looks at you, waiting for a reply. "I-I'd have to . . . die?" You ask. Daniel nods and gets up. "Think about it, I'll give you a few days." With that, he exits your home, leaving you dumbfounded.
  2. You get up, after thinking about what Daniel asked you, have dinner, and go to bed. Hours later, possibly around midnight(LOL) you wake up to the sound of knocking at your door. You get up, groan, and open the door. You see it's Bradley and let him in. "If you want to sleep in my bed again, I'm just not in the mood." You say, putting your hand on your head. "No, I wanted to ask you something." Bradley confesses. "It couldn't wait 'til morning?" You ask, a little pissed. "Not really, I wanted to ask you as soon as possible . . . Karly, I like you, a LOT. And I'd like to be with you, forever. But I can't be with a non-werewolf. So if you want to be with me . . . I'd have to take you to this fountain. If you drink from it on the night of a full moon, you'll be a werewolf(Redundant, I know)." He tells you. "A werewolf? The next full moon is in three days." You tell Bradley. He nods and yawns, making you yawn too. "I'll give you until then to make your decision." Bradley tells you, kisses your cheek and leaves.
  3. You go back to sleep, a bit overwhelmed by TWO proposals in one day. You fall asleep and dream about:.......(Sorry it was so short, I had to use up at least twelve questions, and I've only got FOUR boys, okay? DON'T JUDGE ME!)
  4. You wake up from your wonderful dream. (Assuming you didn't dream about enchiladas) You shower, get dressed, ect. and go for your morning walk. You walk through the field and notice that the grass is a lot taller than usual. You look around and see that there aren't any sheep, goats, cows, nothing. You shrug it off and walk through the forest. It seems more dark and depressing than its normal dark and peaceful. You notice there aren't any birds chirping or animals scurrying around the bushes. You get a bit nervous. No animals ANYWHERE? What could've happened? What do you think happened?
  5. You continue to walk through the forest when Jason comes out from behind a tree. "Karly, hey!" He says. "Hi!" You reply. "K-Karly, I was wondering, see, I love you. And I'd like to be with you. But, being immortal, you would age and I wouldn't. I've been alive 115 years, Karly. And If you want to live forever with me, I'd have to turn you into a vampire." He says, his eyes glowing red with lust. Stunned silence fills the forest surroundings. "I'll give you three days, my love." Jason says then kisses your hand. He leaves into the dark shadows.
  6. You return to your house and flop onto your couch. Why is this happening? It's awesome, yes. But why me? I'm not special. And what about school? Spring break ends in ten days. Even if I married one of them, what about school? My friends? I have to make a descision, it's either school, Jason, Bradley, Daniel, or-. Your thoughts are interrupted by a knocking at your door. You get up and open the door. It's Richard. (About time, right?) "Karly, I want to marry you." Richard says. "Very straight-forward aren't you?" You say. "Yes . . . but you have to be-" "A werewolf, I know. The fountain everything." You cut him off. Richard looks stunned. "Oh. . . okay then. I guess you know it's in three days then, huh?" He asks. You nod. Richard kisses you then exits your home.
  7. Two days pass and there is no word from any of your lovers. Animals are still missing and when you went to see the farmer next door, he was gone. Your deadline is tomorrow and you haven't yet made a descision. Right now, your on your bed reading your favorite book . . .
  8. Anyways, your reading your book when your mother walks in the door. "Hey!" She says. "Mom? Your back?" You ask. "Yes, It's been a week." She replies with a suspicious look. You throw her off by smiling. "It's just I've been so busy, I hardly noticed how long it was." You say, lying. Your mother nods in belief and goes into the kitchen. You check outside the windows, the field and the perimeter of the forest from your house to make sure none of the boys would be seen by your mother. The last thing you'd want is her asking questions. You enter your kitchen, where your mom is making(drumroll) enchiladas.(I'm sorry, I HAD to! ROFL) "Hey mom, say I have this friend. . ." You say. Your mom turns her head, very interesed. "Yes?" She asks. "Well,' You continue. 'Say I have a friend who got four proposals in a matter of 24 hours. And none of the guys know about each other. Except for two who are brothers, but that's not the point. She still is going to school and has a mom . . . AND A DAD.(Btw, you don't have a dad. Sad, I know.) And say she did know which guy to marry, should she leave her normal life to live with a guy that's either a ghost, vampire, or werewolf?" You ask. Your mother stands there for a moment. "Well, I suppose she should follow her heart." Your mom says. Typical mom answer. "Follow your heart".
  9. You go back into your room and look out the windoe. Dawn is setting and your deadline is approaching. Tomorrow night you have to make your descision. The moon is full, just like tomorrow will be. Crickets are chirping outside your house. The only sound you've heard an animal make in days.
  10. The moon rises and the sun sets. You climb into bed and lay in the darkness. Tomorrow the choice will be made. You decide to wear something nice to bed. Just in case you get an unexpected visit. You wear:
  11. You'll have to wait for the next part. Sorry.
  12. Last question. Which of these sounds best to you?......

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